Double-digit Logan

Neighbor Logan is now 10 years old! Our state has not relaxed the rules about keeping a distance between people, so we knew there would be no big party to celebrate the event. We had a pop-up porch greeting, complete with cake, a candle, and gifts. Logan stepped out and accepted the slice of cake from Kate as we sang the birthday song. I don’t know who had the matches and lit the candle, but it all came together at the right moment.

My hands were busy with the camera. My eyes focused on Logan and the flashing lights on the patriotic glasses. I was happy to find that Bob and Shawn were visible in the doorway.

We chatted for a few minutes after the formalities were over. The cake was safe with Kate, and Lise had a chance to pet Emily. It wasn’t much of a celebration, but we did mark the day together. Can you believe our favorite neighborhood boy is now 10 years old? We’ve known and enjoyed him for six of the ten. Happy birthday, Logan!!

20 thoughts on “Double-digit Logan

  1. Happy birthday Logan., New double digit age brings new responsibilities., you will require a new increased appetite to cope with growth spurts and more exercise for games but please keep the noggin alive,
    Huge Hugs Anne

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  2. How wonderful that you all got to celebrate with him. He looks happy. It was to be my youngest grandson’s graduation today and I was to be there. But, alas there will be no celebration and I am many miles away.

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  3. Seeing the pictures at the bottom of Logan’s previous birthday celebrations lets you see how much he has grown. You certainly know how to make a celebration fun and the cake is always an added touch. Very cool glasses Logan! You ought to pose him six feet from John and David in their festive shirts for the 4th of July.


  4. Belated Happy Birthday to Logan, getting bigger by the day! I imagine reaching double digits is as much of a thrill for him as it was for me, back in the day. WAY back in the day. 😀 Must be so fun for you to see how far he’s come, in every way!


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