Daughter Kate and grandson Nathaniel had driven together to visit us, but they left in different directions. I didn’t get a photo of her as she headed home to New Jersey early in the morning. I can show you what she looked like about 25 hours before, when we walked to the creek. I don’t think she changed much in that time.

Lise, Kate, John, and Anne

The selfie is awful by my standards, because I would much rather have cut off myself than daughter Lise. Kate was wearing a jacket and knit hat. I think it might have been 55F (12.78C). Lise and I were wearing summer clothes. After Kate drove off, David and I chatted with her several times during her 12-hour drive. She was also talking to Michael at home, helping pass the time.

Nathaniel had breakfast with John and me before loading the car. He returned to Johnson & Wales to work in the dorms for the summer session and will stay on to begin his junior year. David helped him remove the seats the night before so that everything would fit. We would have gone with them if there had been room.

Of course, the last thing Nate did was lower the mirror. To me, the mirror ritual doesn’t count if there isn’t a photo to mark the moment.

John let me know when they reached Charlotte and again when he started home. In between, they carted everything to the dorm room and went shopping for basic food and supplies.

John was back home before Kate reached New Jersey, having driven about half the amount of time she did. I was glad both made it safely.

30 thoughts on “Leavings

  1. It’s horrible with everybody going in different directions like this but there are so many ways of keeping in touch now it’s almost like still being together.
    Massive Hugs


  2. Lovely post, Anne! It must have been emotional saying your farewells … I am in awe of the 12 hour drive! That is a long way by car but seems much more normal in US than here in the UK. Oh, the mirror moving ceremony has me smiling! 😀


    1. No, not quiet this week. Lise returns in a few hours with her cousin and friend. Son and Rose will be with us tomorrow — eight for dinner. Grandson Nathaniel may come back for the weekend. It’s a merry whirlwind.

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  3. What a Father’s Day and week it was … jam packed and now they can start making plans for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Here, the students will shut down at Thanksgiving and not return until the new semester at the beginning of 2021. Will Nathaniel have a schedule like that and be able to spend an entire month or more with you, or work at the school during that time?


  4. Your house must be used to the comings and goings by now, as I suppose you are, too!
    I remember video-chatting long-distance often, with my boyfriend for 2.5 years before he moved in with me here in Montreal (from Sudbury, Ontario). BTW, we’ve upgraded him to ‘fiancé’ now. 🙂


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