The closest part of the Smoky Mountain National Park is Cataloochee Valley. That was our destination for Kate’s and Nathaniel’s last day with us. We walked up to a lookout point where I took a photo of daughter Lise and grandsons David and Nathaniel.

We were stopped, not by rain, but by a bridge closing. We couldn’t drive to the area where elk often graze, nor could we explore the old house and barn near there. Going back, the younger people went in the old church, but John and I opted to take a short nap in the car. We also wanted to walk across a log bridge, which we’d not bothered to do before. I liked the view as you approached it.

Bridge and stream are more picturesque from a different angle.

I love mountain streams and took a short video from the bridge.

I cooked our last dinner together. For the foodies: salmon with molasses/soy/lime sauce, sliced potatoes with Greek yogurt and cheddar cheese, green beans, double lime Jell-o salad, and frozen lemon pie.

Niece Julie and friend Michael came to pick up Lise to spend a few days in Winston Salem. I hope to remember to take a photo when they return her.

39 thoughts on “Cataloochee

      1. You are very lucky. The granddaughters are coming east at the end of July but they will be with us for only three days. They are going to see some other friends in another state for a few days before going back.

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    1. We concentrated on doing something special outside the house every day Kate, Lise, and Nathaniel were here. David took his week’s vacation at the same time. It was marvelous to be able to come and go as we pleased.

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    1. I saw that in a recipe, and we like it. There is just a small amount of molasses. It/they balance the salty soy sauce and the sour lime. Grated ginger adds a little kick. I also add white wine, water, and corn starch. Use it to de-glaze the pan.

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  1. Sorry to see you are reducing the ranks … you’ve had so much fun this week. That bridge is very picturesque and very narrow on top of it … the weather looked perfect for this trip.


    1. Kate got home safely last night, and Lise returns tomorrow for another week of fun. David will have to work, though. We had rain several times. We cancelled only one thing because of it. It was a great week.

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      1. That’s good … Nathaniel and John left too then – I remember you said that John would take Nathaniel to school for his job. Yes, it was a great week – visiting places you like and visiting with people you love.


    1. Frozen lemon pie has lemon juice and sweetened condensed milk as the main ingredients. It’s a very easy thing to do. We had a gluten free person in the group, so I skipped the Graham cracker crust.

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  2. Lovely surroundings! I’m cooking salmon for supper as we speak! 😀 (Usually John cooks – because he likes to – but I’m giving him the day off. :-D) It’s Canada Day today! We were ‘born’ in 1867, so that makes us… oh, I hate math! Let’s just say Canada is older than me! Lol!


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