Holidays Fly By

Grandson Nathaniel was with us about 45 hours – not long enough to raise and lower the hall mirror! John picked him up in Charlotte on Friday, and daughter Lise and grandson David took him back on Sunday. The day between was July 4th. The time may have been short, but we visited with him intently. This was the only picture for which he posed, taken as the three were setting off for the return trip.

The day before Lise left, we had lunch at the Pisgah Inn. John and I have eaten there at least once a year since we moved here, but Lise had never been there. The restaurant is closed during winter months, which is when she usually comes to visit. We had a lovely drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway to reach it. Our table was the one in the corner with the best view of the mountains. Since only half the tables could be used during the COVID-19 restrictions, the room was not crowded, and we had excellent service. We could see rain clouds in the distance and watched them as we ate.

After lunch, we went outside on the deck to take a few photos and look at the mountains again. It was a lovely day out for us. When we got home, Lise packed to go back to Denmark.

28 thoughts on “Holidays Fly By

    1. I’ve lost track of how long Lise has been in Denmark. It’s over six years. She would love to be posted to another country, the more exotic, the better. She knows English, German, French, Danish, and Farsi. Well-prepared, I think. (We don’t know where she got all her brains.)

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  1. I would love to eat at the Pugsah Inn the next time we are down that way. I have read about it online. Your daughter is going back to Denmark? Wow! Safe travels to her.


    1. Before COVID-19 there were no reservations at Pisgah; it was first come, first served. Now you have to make reservations ahead of time. It could change again.

      Lise was in her flat about 24 hours after we took her to the airport here. She had three legs to the journey, with a layover in Germany.


  2. Great family pictures Anne – all smiles even though everyone once again is departing. You can start thinking about the next get-together … Thanksgiving or Christmas?


    1. I’m taking a few days off before I think of company again! Lise is talking of coming at Thanksgiving, depending on flights and costs. There is also the possibility that Nathaniel will be here then.

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      1. That’s great and Kate could get away maybe a day or two from her job. I’ve not heard any more about colleges shutting down after Thanksgiving until January for the new semester. I don’t know if that is just in Michigan where they proposed that – they said students would go home and mix/mingle then return to school, only to leave three weeks later, so better they just end the semester or trimester at Thanksgiving. Makes sense to me. But if students stay on campus and eat on site, then Nathaniel still has his job and not laid off temporarily?


  3. Anne, what a special 45 hours for you all and wow, the restaurant looks fantastic and the views amazing! Happy for you all! I love the photo of you and John, so relaxed and full of joy! 😀🌺


    1. Somehow, when the set departure time comes, I can let people go without undue anxiety. It must be a gift, because I don’t think it is something I could control. We’d had a good visit, very satisfying.

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