Wrap Up and a Rainbow

Daughter Lise was eager to walk to the creek, knowing she would be sitting for almost 24 hours flying to Denmark. On the way, we spotted a wild berry bush extending unripe berries toward us. It’s a common bush, one that we had in our woods on Long Island. The berries look like raspberries until they ripen and turn dark. That’s when they look like miniature blackberries. Lise and I tasted one each. They were slightly bitter, so I’ll wait a few days before trying another one.

Berries with Lise’s hand

That afternoon we took Lise to the empty Asheville airport. There are few flights these days, so only a few people wandered to the check-in counter. When her bags were checked, we went outside before saying goodbye. She took off as we were food shopping on the way home. We have many lovely memories of our time together and look forward to her next visit.

The next evening we had a lovely rain storm, one that Lise would have enjoyed. John and I were with David on the porch as he ate his dinner after work. I jumped up to take a photo of the brilliant rainbow through the screen, because I didn’t fancy getting soaked. Despite the distortion of the screen, you can probably see that the end of the rainbow appears to be in the pasture.

A minute later neighbor Joyce sent me the picture she took from her porch. She clearly has a better claim to owning that rainbow. It ended in the corner of her back yard. We both wished there had been a pot of gold for her there.

18 thoughts on “Wrap Up and a Rainbow

  1. I hope Lise arrives at her destination safe and sound. What lovely rainbow pictures. Did you dig where the rainbow ended? Perhaps your wonderful family visit was your pot of gold!

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    1. I like your interpretation — that our family was our pot of gold. I told David I’d find a shovel if he’d go digging at the end of the rainbow. He politely declined.

      Lise let us know she got home safely. Unless she dozed off and didn’t realize it, the only sleep she had was a 45-minute nap in the Frankfurt airport. I couldn’t have done that long trip without sleep.


  2. I’m sorry Lise has had to go home again. The last visitor gone. It must be sad after having had such a houseful.. You, John and young David will fair rattle about the place now.
    Massive Hugs


    1. And rattle I did! Two days after Lise left, John went to Tennessee for the weekend, and David was at work all day. After walking this morning, I tackled some weeds between our property and that of a neighbor. What a job that was! I was too tired to gather the weeds and just left them in piles. That might be tomorrow’s job. *sigh*

      xxx Wild Weedy Hugs xxx


    1. My brother thinks they are wild raspberries. The thing is, they may appear red, but they are really green. Ripe ones are black. They have a berry taste, but they don’t taste like raspberries or blackberries.

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