No Time for a Photo

I was sitting at the computer when movement caught my eye. Golly Pete! There was a black cow grazing around our burn pile. I was alone and knew I had to do something, because cow pats on the lawn are not good. I texted neighbor Dawn, hoping Jeff was home. He grew up on a farm and has no hesitancy in herding cows where they belong. I wrote Dawn that I didn’t know which way to shoo the beast and said this was out of my comfort zone. Just then David came in from work, and I immediately shared the problem with him. I started to go on the deck to take a picture of the cow, but since he was willing to go outside with me, I went.

We made noise, and I flapped my hands at the cow. She ambled along the fence, which I thought was good. I didn’t know how she got in our yard, but cows used to walk in the stream around the fence. I was heading that way, felt for my camera, and knew I couldn’t use it when the cow came back toward us. She was not fully grown, but she looked pretty solid at eye level. We shouted and flapped. She turned and trotted along Dawn and Jeff’s fence. All of a sudden she turned and jumped through the barbed-wire fence! David and I couldn’t believe our eyes. We walked up to see if there were an opening, but there wasn’t. We were going back to our yard when Jeff and Dawn came outside. They examined the fence with us. There were three or four strands of wire firmly anchored to posts, but Jeff pulled two apart. That must have been enough for a desperate cow.

I hope my cowgirl career has come and gone.

19 thoughts on “No Time for a Photo

  1. Ha ha! What an interesting interruption in your day! We’ve had a neighbor’s big, red steer wandering in our orchard for a few weeks now. The owner of the steer knows about it, but has been slow to do anything. Somehow that steer knows when to photo bomb our game cameras, but when we’ve gone looking for it, it is nowhere to be found! I guess in all of that tall grass, shrubbery and thick woods, it manages to hide very well. We’ve looked but cannot find any downed fence where it could have gotten through. It’s a mystery. 😀


          1. Because I do the very same thing! I look for excuses why I should not pull weeds, especially the little ones that grow in the river rocks or the weed with the milky stuff inside it that grows as high as my waist. It is at the side of the house where a huge Pyracantha bush grows and takes up most of that corner and no one sees it thanks to my neighbor’s privacy fence.

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  2. rofl. Reminds me of our calf, Alpha. Chris fed her but went on a business trip while I was pregnant with CJ. I went to feed her and she tossed me! I called the neighbor to feed her. Later when I shared the incident with Chris he apologized for not telling me that it was part of their nightly tradition to wrestle before feeding time. Who wrestles with a cow?!?! Apparently my man. Oye.


  3. Cows can be quite formidable even though they look quite sweet. One time Russ and I were walking in my cousins pasture when we spotted a cute calf, as we walked toward if about 5 cows lined up and pretty much told us that was as far as we could go. I looked at hubby, “I think they mean business.” So, we backed out of there right quick. They didn’t relax until we’d gone over the fence. LOL Ya don’t mess with them cows. So, my point is, you’re lucky it was just one and that she didn’t square off with you. I can picture it now.


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