Can I Help You?

It would be nice to have a warning when fast food customers are going to be rude or demanding, acting like “Friday People”. Grandson David would never be goofy to a customer, but he fantasized about his approach if he knew a Friday Person were coming to the counter. He morphed into a goofball in front of my eyes, changing his stance and widening his eyes before leaning in close to ask if he could help me. My laugh was immediate, and I ask for repeat performances regularly. We decided we needed to record it. Happy Friday!!

21 thoughts on “Can I Help You?

  1. Ok, Anne, I don’t get out a lot, so I’m not familiar with “Friday People”. What the heck is that?? David is such a cutup! He would do well in the theatre (prounounced THEE UH TAH) as we say here in the south! Ha ha!


    1. I wrote a post recently about the awful customers that grandson David has dealt with. The worst ones always seem to show up on Friday, hence the name Friday People. My niece, dealing with computer tech issues, has Monday People.

      I like your accent. Mine is mid-South. I grew up in West Tennessee.

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