Logan’s Plastic Face

Neighbor Holly shared some squash and a cucumber from her garden, sending Logan over with a heavy bag of veggies to let me choose what I wanted. I thought that a novel way of sharing in these viral times. While he was on my porch, he asked if he could come over to visit, and of course, I was thrilled. He got his parents’ permission and was soon chatting while I finished my lunch.

We have hardly seen Logan since the pandemic began. I was impressed with his conversational skill, showing that he had been maturing all the while. Being ten years old, he also communicates silently with his face. I was tickled at his contortions and asked if I could take a few pictures. Bless his heart, he has always been very cooperative.

My favorite shows him touching his nose with his tongue. He said only a low percentage of people can do it. If anyone reading this can touch your tongue that way, I’d love to know it. You are special!

36 thoughts on “Logan’s Plastic Face

  1. Logan could go on to be another Jim Carrey with that mug. He’s right too, a very small percentage can do that. I didn’t even try because I learned years ago at a slumber party that only the girl who could do it, got everyone else to try. She had to boast of course. She was quite the celebrity for it. It was fun though.


    1. I had to try touching my nose with my tongue again. Did I think the tongue would grow longer since the last time I tried?? You were smart not to do it. So far two people have replied that they are able to accomplish the feat.

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  2. What a sweetheart. It is amazing how children mature within a few months. My young friend came to see me for the first time in 5 months. She had just turned 13 when I last saw her, now she is a young woman. She brought me a birthday cake and a bottle of champagne even though my birthday was in March. Of course, we couldn´t celebrate then due to the state of emergency.


  3. I cannot touch my nose with my tongue, but we have several family members who can (on Forrest’s side). I’m ok with that… at our age, we’d be considered weird to boast such a feat anyway! Ha ha!


    1. I hadn’t thought about outgrowing being proud of a natural feat. I remember the pleasure I had in showing off my over-active salivary glands to classmates. Three feet was about the limit. If I did that in public today, I’d be arrested for endangering the public!

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      1. Yes, Anne, I think there are ordinances about putting “body fluids” on the public, but especially state or federal employees! I worked for the State of Oklahoma Juvenile corrections division and anytime some kid (or even a parent) spit on one of us, the judge took that into account! None of us ever filed against the individuals – we spent enough time in court!! Ha ha! I don’t think one is ever too old or outgrows these types of contests and there are so many! I still freak my great nieces and nephews out by crossing one eye and looking at them with the other – it’s a very deranged look! I just don’t do it in public or around people I don’t know. LOL


          1. I saw a niece do it and tried it myself. I was in my 30’s I guess. That niece is the only one I know of. You do it by crossing your eyes looking at your nose, and you use one eye to focus on something distant. I use my left eye to look in the distantance. I really don’t understand how it works but it freaks people out! I kind a like that part. Ha ha


  4. I can tell by Logan’s expression just how happy he is to be with you as gain. I suspect this is a long term friendship that will only grow stronger over time.


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