Chicken in a Bible Study

Four neighbors gathered for a Bible study, sitting outside six feet apart, following COVID-19 restrictions. Nobody batted an eyelash as cat Jasmine wandered through. However, when chicken Ariel hopped in our midst, we all but cackled. It was fun to have one of God’s creatures join us briefly.

My toes are not visible. I was wearing sneakers.

I looked in a concordance to see if cats or chickens were mentioned in the Bible. They weren’t; only a rooster had one reference.

41 thoughts on “Chicken in a Bible Study

  1. I think chickens are actually quite intelligent, not to mention funny. Might have been a good thing the cat and chicken were not there at the same time? 🙂


  2. Chickens must’ve been on the ark? Today in a nearby suburb, the Humane Society rescued 200 roosters. Neighbors think they were used for fighting. However, they were humanely treated, unlike some people who hoard animals at their homes. The neighbors said “we thought something was up.” Didn’t they rise and shine (and crow) at dawn every morning?


      1. Yes, I just sent you a video of it – Jeff told me one day when I was outside that he was chatting with the new neighbor behind him and they discovered the former neighbors kept chickens in the garage Nice! It was that same house that kept the pit bull chained up 24/7/365 and caused rats.


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