Logan Walks with Us

John and I were walking about an hour later than usual, because we ate breakfast with grandson David before he went to work. As we neared the stop sign, we waved at a passing car that we hadn’t recognized. We heard running footsteps, and there was neighbor Logan (10)! He and his parents were returning home, so he joined us to go to the creek. His sharp eyes see lots of things we miss. Today he pointed out a heart-shaped puddle in the road and nicely agreed to pose with it.

At the creek, he took a different way down to the water. He stepped on a wet rock, but he didn’t get his feet wet.

We observed white morning glory vines, and we found buds on a different vine that I think will open with purple blooms. Going up the steep hill, Logan found at least two four-leaf clovers. Smokey was standing in his driveway and responded to Logan’s running toward him. After the dog got lots of loving, he came down to us for a tummy rub. Having Logan with us added another dimension to our walk.

26 thoughts on “Logan Walks with Us

  1. Logn must be lucky – a heart-shaped puddle and TWO 4-leafed clovers! And I think he is pretty lucky to have you and John for neighbors too.


  2. I have enjoyed watching Logan grow up with you. Thank you Anne for your delightful blog and for keeping us in the loop with Logan’s childhood.


  3. Smokey looks soooo happy 🙂 It’s such a treat seeing the world through the eyes of a child, isn’t it?


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