S’mores on Labor Day

Grandson David worked a full shift on the holiday and came home to eat his warmed bison burger, prepared earlier by Uncle John $pencer. We had been longing for S’mores, a common campfire dessert made with Graham crackers, milk chocolate candy squares, and marshmallows. David’s mom had left the extra fixings from our July 4th celebration. The grill was long since cold, so David and I roasted marshmallows over a candle before assembling our S’mores. They tasted good, although they would have been better among laughing relatives.

Marshmallow over the flame

Sadie is always ready to party, but when all is quiet in the house, she curls up to sleep. I found her in the living room. The pillow just happened to be at just the right angle for her head. Sweet dreams, Sadie.

30 thoughts on “S’mores on Labor Day

    1. A childhood friend just texted a suggestion. She melts a S’more marshmallow in the microwave — 10 to 12 seconds, she said. I may try that. I think I’ll top a graham cracker with the chocolate and marshmallow. It could be dangerous if I don’t watch it closely.

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    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if grandson David reaches his limit sometimes with the old geezers, but he stays calm and thoughtful. I love to laugh with him. He is the quickest one to laugh when something funny is said.


  1. I”ll bet the bison burger was 100X better than a Whopper. And then dessert on top of it. Sadie was relaxed and not begging for a treat. I worked with a girl who loved marshmallow Peeps and the day after Easter she went to the grocery store and scooped them up at half price. She would rip open the cellophane and let them get stale as she liked them better than fresh. She would eat them with a Coke for her “breakfast” at her desk.


      1. I’ll have to try bison some time – I have seen it at Meijer – small quantities only, but I don’t have a grill so it would not have that flame-broiled goodness. I get a small package of Peeps (3 or 4) for Easter every year, but combined with pop for breakfast would not be my choice either.


        1. I like Cadbury’s Creme Eggs at Easter, although I don’t get them every year.

          I don’t know that bison burgers are any better than regular ones. $ puts a little seasoning mix with the meat, which would also be good with hamburgers.

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          1. I’ve not had Cadbury Creme Eggs in awhile. I was bad with Reese Pieces peanut butter eggs. I have a cute bunny dish – bunny looks real and the dish is an upside down cabbage leaf. The eggs went into the dish.
            My mom said “I don’t know why you dirty the dish as every time I look at you, you are over there.” My retort was “your tongue is black from all those licorice jelly beans you eat!” Sanders made “Black Jellybird Eggs” – the only place you could get the regular-sized jelly beans – the Jelly Bellies were not the strong licorice flavor. It was an ongoing fun “war of words” every Easter.


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