Camera Not Handy! September 2000

Daughter Kate and her boys spent the afternoon with us. It was almost unbearably humid, so I retreated to my air-conditioned bedroom where Nathaniel (7 months) was sleeping in a portable crib. Before long David (5) joined me on the bed. I read three books to him before he began constructing a tent with blankets. The baby slept for an hour and a half, then began to whimper. David kindly handed him a toy and put the pacifier in his mouth, a process that was repeated many times before Nathaniel began to protest earnestly. I wasn’t ready to give up the cool air, so I jotted a note to Kate on a scrap piece of paper I keep beside the bed.

I wrote, “Kate, Nathaniel wants his mommy,” and asked David to take it to his mother.

This is what the boys looked like that month as they played in the Narthex at church.

David returned, saying he had given her the note, and resumed his cycle of playing and trying to keep Nathaniel happy. After a while I scooped the baby up and headed downstairs. Kate was sound asleep on the sofa. Between her thumb and forefinger was my note. When I told John the story a day later, he laughed and said someone had probably warned David not to wake his mother. He had delivered the note, alright, but it had no visible effect on that sleeping form.

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      1. Ah, so they were there …. but #WordPress thinks I’m a spammer! Things are getting worse. There are obviously some serious bugs in this new ‘improved’ (???) #WordPress system. They need to step back a few weeks, go back to the system which worked properly, and make the changes to their new ‘improved’ system, before they release it into the world again. They’ve made some big mistakes here, which should have been de-bugged before they let it lose on the world!

        I’m so glad you found the comments Anne. I’m wondering if perhaps that’s where all my other comments have gone to. Although … strange thing is that some bloggers have got my comments and replied to them. So some comments are getting through, but others aren’t.
        It gets curiouser and curiouser. (As Alice through the Looking Glass said).
        ~ Cobs. xxx


          1. Although I’ve used a different name to be known by – the actual blog has remained as The Cobweborium Emporium – so it’s actually called the same thing and still has the same web address:
            So I don’t understand why the WordPress system would believe I was spam.
            Ah, who am I kidding …. WordPress has broken itself and it’s made me, and an awful lot of other people, very sad. [huff]


  1. That’s a fun story Anne and I hope you send the post to Nathaniel and show it to David for them to get a chuckle about back in the day. They both were cute kids – both in their denim overalls … the baby still in short pants and the big boy in long pants. David paid attention; for sure he wasn’t going to wake his Mom up for any reason!


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