September Fun Days

We finally met John’s sister Chris and husband Steve from South Carolina to celebrate all our birthdays. Four times a year we plan to get together, but many things intervened this past year. Chris arranged to have the other sister, Barbara and husband Thom, join us with a video call from New York. It was like old times to have the six of us chatting.

Steve, Anne, and Chris

Rain was pelting the area when we were ready to leave, so we waited for it to let up. This is the only picture I took of brother and sister together.

I always try to take a photo of people when they walk to the creek with us. Today was debut day for Sadie! We were testing her new leash, and it worked well.

Sadie and John at Jonathan Creek

Logan came over after going to school on line. He was here when John $pencer gave Sadie a bath and could see the peanut butter trick firsthand.

I got tickled when Logan said he was going to balance a balloon on his nose. The flash worked for the first shot and not for the second. I was lucky to catch the moment, even if the lighting was not good.

51 thoughts on “September Fun Days

        1. John’s favorite cake is angel food, and I’m going to buy one at the supermarket this morning. If he preferred any other cake, I’d bake whatever he wanted. We’ll pile strawberries and whipped cream on top, and he will smile for the camera. This will be the 56th time for us to do this together.


  1. Love seeing you along with the others in the post. I hope my hair inherits that color of Uncle John and my mom when it goes grey/white. That shadow shot is wonderful! Glad you all got a chance to meet. And how fun to meet with the others online. Brilliant.


        1. That’s a great account of learning a new phrase.

          My favorite new one from North Carolina was from a neighbor who grew up in this state. She said, if you are correcting a child sternly, you say in a mean voice, “If you don’t stop that, I’m gonna jerk a knot in you!” I haven’t had an occasion to use it in the six years since I learned it, but I did jerk a knot in my shoelaces by accident.

          Squidges right back! xxx

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  2. There is never a dull moment at the Mehrling house. Great trick with peanut butter for bathtime. 🙂 How did John $ come up with that idea? I think Sadie looked happy at the Creek; she’ll be tagging along more often.


    1. I don’t know whether the peanut butter idea was original. Sadie got in the horse pasture and rolled in horse poop today. $ was annoyed with her and gave her a bath without the lure of peanut butter. She knew she had some something wrong.

      Sadie went with us to the creek three days in a row. We will probably be rained out tomorrow.

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      1. Oh oh – yes, animals are so smart and pick up little nuances that they have done something wrong. I’d be mad too at having to wash off horse poop. Sadie will be “all in” for going to the Creek going forward. We’ve had a nice weather week for a change but very chilly today – was in the 50s when I left and darkish from the wildfires.


              1. That’s good – I didn’t hear any mention of Sally this morning … I cannot imagine that projected three feet of rain though. We had four inches of rain in as many hours and there was significant flooding in the tri-county area.

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