Our conversation turned into a contest, which I lost. I was laughing at myself and shared what I did at the bathroom sink. I used a hair band to keep hair away from my face. After washing my face, I raked the band off and tossed it in the waste basket instead of putting it back in the drawer. It had served me well for several years and did not deserve that treatment. I quickly retrieved it and almost apologized to it.

John said he had done something similar. He opened the garbage pail to empty the coffee filter. After shaking out the grounds, he threw in the permanent filter, as well.

The clear winner was son John $pencer. He broke his silence at the mention of coffee. He was taking care of two chores at once – putting away clean socks and emptying coffee grounds. You can imagine where this is going, can’t you? He threw his socks in the trash and realized something was not quite right when he dumped coffee grounds all over his clean t-shirts.

Have any of you carelessly tossed away something by accident and quickly retrieved it? We can’t be the only ones!

37 thoughts on “Tossed!

  1. This sounds like our house. One thing that often happens to me is I will set something on the sink’s edge, bump it, and it falls below into the trash can. Sometimes I realize I’ve done it, sometimes not…so if something is missing…I’ll search in the trash can. So many times I’ve found what I’m missing. Have you done that?


    1. There is great scope for accidental falling in your situation. I don’t think I’ve ever had a waste basket in that position. There was one below the free-standing sink in NY, but nothing could be balanced on the rim.

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  2. Ohhh yes! It happens all the time and most often, the culprit is Mr.C. He’s forever trying to get ahead of himself and instead of thinking about what he’s doing right there and then, he thinks about what’s next. The result of this thinking is a thrown away potato peeler (the best one); thrown out his favourite gardening gloves and didn’t realise till the bin lorry (garbage truck) had been and gone; And … things disappear because he ‘tidied them away’ and now can’t remember where he tidied them too. I’ve lost socks, hair brush, comb, new toothbrush heads, and himself has mislaid a newspaper he bought just 30 minutes beforehand, chef’s knives in the kitchen … we don’t have a mansion with 10 kitchens … where the heck is he putting these darn knives?!

    I could go on, but I think you get the idea. [sigh] Don’t ya hate getting older? lol ~ Squidges ~ Cobs. xxx


  3. I was making stuffed zucchini once and threw out the insides only to find out later, I needed it as part of the stuffing. Fortunately, it was a fresh garbage bag, so I took it out and chopped it up with the other ingredients! I didn’t tell my quest until after the meal what happened!!


  4. Just the other day when I was feeding the dogs I scooped the food out of the can into their dishes then threw the can and the SPOON in the trash. Glad I caught it I don’t want to have to buy new silverware.


  5. It wasn’t the trash, but just now I came in from putting out birdseed and had some left over. I keep birdseed and cat food in bins on the porch, and use a plastic cup to fill their dishes. I tossed the cup with the birdseed into the bin I store cat food in…and just stood staring at it thinking why did I do that? Fortunately, only a little of the bird seed got into the food in the bin.


  6. Yes, I have had a few “oops” episodes over the years as well. The costliest was when I first got my my braces off and I had a retainer. The retainer worked well and then the orthodontist fit me with a bite guard to wear at night and during the time spent at home, just removing it to eat. I removed it to sample sausages my mom was making for pigs and blankets later that night, so removed the retainer into a Kleenex in one hand, and when done just deposited the two items in the garbage. Took the garbage out for garbage day – many hours later I remembered – $300.00 for a new one which insurance would not pay because they had paid for one. Oops.


      1. Well, I should have gone and put it in the case, but it was just for a minute or so, so put it in the Kleenex. I still wear a bite plate now and he checks it when I go for a teeth cleaning. Everything to do with orthodontics is pricey. They say that so many people are grinding their teeth and wearing them down or breaking a crown that they recommend getting a bite plate and wearing it during the day while working (except during Zoom conferences). My dentist tells me he wears his to drive to/from the office and that lots of people with long commutes wear theirs in the car to avoid grinding their teeth.


          1. Yes, my dentist told me that story a while ago and my hygienist was a woman in her early 30s who worked four days a week, taught two nights at week at U of M Dental School (1 one-hour commute each way) and she wore a mask even then, pre-COVID, and told me she left her bite plate in 24 hours a day. People grinding their teeth at home due to stress the news said.


              1. Yes, she is and now Erin has stopped working at the dental office and is teaching dental hygienist classes full time, five days a week, at a local university (an easier commute, just downtown).


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