Still Only One Candle!

Yesterday was son John $pencer’s birthday. I used several of the photographs from his first birthday 40 years ago in a blog post, but I didn’t use the one showing him with his birthday cake. I liked the-deer-in-the-headlights pose.

John $pencer on his first birthday

He agreed to a non-flash photo this time around, and his smile was my reward. I was amused to find he still has only one candle on his cake. He was fun at one, but his stories have improved dramatically.

The cake was put together with things I had in the house. The layers were devil’s food cake, chocolate moose tracks ice cream, and whipped topping. M & M’s were sprinkled on top, and we had just-made hot fudge sauce to ladle over it. The sauce would have made cardboard taste good.

26 thoughts on “Still Only One Candle!

  1. How nice to celebrate $’s birthday now by focusing on his one-year birthday. I love the deer-in-the-headlights look, probably thinking “when do they quit singing and taking pictures so I can dig in!”
    (Well, as best as one digs in as a one year old.)

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    1. Maybe John $ outgrew his cakes. He certainly outgrew desserts. He doesn’t like sweets, making me think he isn’t related to me. He looks like people in our family, though. He does have a weakness for chocolate ice cream in the wee hours, and that’s why there was a layer of ice cream in his cake this year.

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