Logan and Sadie

I decided to take Sadie for a walk late in the afternoon, hoping to add another mile to my total. Walking, even at my pace, would be good for this high-energy dog. It might have been a humdrum outing, but I heard running footsteps behind me, and there was Logan (10)! He asked if he could go with me as he pulled on his jacket. Sadie was very excited to see her two-legged playmate. In an instant she rushed at him, jumping for joy. After passing two leashed dogs at the top of our street, she began to play roughly with Logan. I don’t like her jumping on him like that. As I held her tightly, she backed out of her collar! When I fumbled getting it back on, Logan clicked the collar easily. Sadie escaped again. I am so relieved she didn’t run away. Who knew an afternoon stroll would turn into a wrestling match? Thankfully, Sadie calmed down, and we walked to the stop sign without further trouble.

The sunlight was fading quickly as we headed home. Logan agreed to hold Sadie and pose, because he knows I love taking photos of him. You can see the golden light of a fall afternoon surrounding boy and dog. We got home as dusk deepened, when it would have been dangerous to walk on the road.

27 thoughts on “Logan and Sadie

      1. I can relate to that. Oreo loves Josef, it’s their ritual to go out in the garden in the morning and run for a while. Josef is on break from 8-9 am. He starts work at 4am.


  1. You might consider a harness for Sadie when walking her on a leash. She couldn’t slip out of it and she would be easier to control. I’m glad you got home before it got too dark. We sometimes encounter people walking down the road as it’s getting dark and I think how dangerous that is. It is so hard to see them. A great photo of Sadie and Logan. 🙂


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