Sadie Loves Water

Son John $pencer talked about Sadie’s liking water. When he and Rose would hike near streams and waterfalls, Sadie was always eager to get wet. We found that she liked the run-off from a neighbor’s French drain. I would not have wanted to splash through that cold water barefooted.

It was amusing to watch the dog run through the stream. She would go two or three steps and dip her head to take a sip of water, without breaking her stride.

As we neared home, I took a shot of John and Sadie with neighbor Joyce’s tree. Those leaves turned orange and began to fall almost immediately. There is never enough time to get tired of fall foliage.

37 thoughts on “Sadie Loves Water

    1. The water Sadie was walking in was clean. It came from a drain behind a neighbor’s house. We live in the mountains, so the streams here are all clear. I can imagine your Lab was a mess after getting in every mud puddle.

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    1. Sadie did not get cold that day. She did not stay long in a glacier-fed lake on a trip out west. Rose was in that water long enough for John $ to take her photo, and she was out like a shot.


  1. That’s a beautiful tree. I love seeing all the changing colors right now! Even though I have to do it from the inside, that’s fine.Sadie’s a nut, I hate getting wet!


  2. Awww what a cutie!! We’ve noticed that most leaves have gone directly to brown and dead here and are wondering what causes this. Going to have to do some research

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  3. Neat.
    My little papillon was of the spaniel breed and they are supposed to love water, but if he saw a puddle or stream, he’d stay totally clear of it. Yet, if we went to the beach, he didn’t mind the waves coming toward him and walking in that. Go figure.


  4. Sadie seems perpetually inquisitive and happy. It is true that Fall is too short of a season. This weekend our leaf color was at peak in my area. Gorgeous golds and reds, but a strong wind caused many to flutter down.


      1. You’re lucky – our rain three times today likely knocked off what leaves didn’t get whipped off by the wind. The last two Sundays I was grocery shopping for Winter pantry items and passed a church near the grocery store. It was warm last Sunday but very windy and the church is still holding outside services. The people were wrapped with afghans and comforters around their head and bodies and they looked like mummies. I’m sure they’ll go to online church after this.

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