Hunting with Sadie

Perhaps Sadie saw it first, but I became aware of a cricket hopping across the bedroom carpet. I like crickets. I like singing crickets, but not at night in my bedroom. I picked up a small paper cup I keep on the computer desk for catching unwanted critters. As I moved toward the cricket, Sadie jumped off the recliner and lunged toward it. I couldn’t have said Jiminy Cricket before she had it in her mouth. Maybe it tickled her tongue, because she spit it out. In a split second it leaped out of sight. Sadie sniffed all around but couldn’t locate it. An hour later I saw the cricket again, and Sadie beat me to it a second time. When she let it out of her mouth, I swooped in with the cup. A political flyer was within reach, and I slipped that under the cup. Apologizing to Sadie all the while, I opened the door to the deck and flung the cricket into the night. She looked longingly into the darkness. More than likely, the cricket fell to the ground, since there is no floor on the deck at the moment.

The floor-less deck in daylight.

32 thoughts on “Hunting with Sadie

  1. my favorite part is when the cricket “soared off into the night…” We followed a grasshopper around the living room and kitchen area a month or so ago. Finally I chased it with a broom until it hopped onto the broom and “rode” it to the deck door. It took a couple of tries to catch it with the broom a second time and toss it outside. Alice was very interested in the grasshopper, and we have to be careful not to let her out.


      1. She has been known to do so, yes. I think it comes from her deprivation as a young pup–if you are hungry, you will eat what you can find. Perhaps she is part cat and intrigued to catch whatever moves.

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  2. I don’t get many crickets in my house. Most bugs are appetizers for my cats. Sometimes Sasha will eat an imaginary bug and I swear she enjoys that just as much as the real thing. Or maybe it’s just that I can’t see it.


  3. Sorry to say, this is one reason I wouldn’t want to live down south… the thought of a cricket (or anything else with a bunch of legs and/or antennae) in the house just gives me the shivers. Once I was in Florida (in the summer, silly me!!) and at bedtime I looked up from the bed to see a gecko on the ceiling directly above. Yikes!!!! I forget what happened – I suppose I stood watch until the thing decided to come down where I could trap it and get it outside!


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