A Pair of Nonpolitical Hawks

As I walked over the hill, I saw two big blobs on the road making noises back and forth. As my feet stopped, the camera came out of my pocket. I didn’t know what I was seeing or hearing, but I wanted to photograph the scene.

The blobs were large birds, probably hawks. Their wings were extended in arcs, and their tail feathers were splayed.

Although I kept my distance, the birds were aware of me. One flew to the fence. When I looked at the image on the computer screen, I could see some white markings on its back. When son John $pencer looked at it with me, we decided these were probably Cooper’s hawks.

The hawk on the road stayed there after the one on the fence flew away. I wonder if it felt foolish, holding that puffed-up stance. It pulled itself together and flapped off. This was an exciting way to start the day.

38 thoughts on “A Pair of Nonpolitical Hawks

  1. I worried for a bit that one was injured but it sounds like they took off just fine. Maybe it was their fall dance! 🙂 We get Cooper hawks here too. We have smaller ones too and I’m not happy when they use my bird feeders as their dining room.


  2. I love that you usually have that cell phone camera at the ready!! Ha ha! Those looked like Cooper’s hawks to me too. It looks like a play for dominance, with wings spread and feathers puffed out (to look bigger than they are). What an exciting observance! Good work, Anne!


    1. I wondered if the hawks were going through mating rituals, but your suggestion of a power struggle seems more likely at this time of year.

      I use a small camera instead of the phone. I have no need for high resolution photos, and the camera can save them in small files. My cell phone has no choice for that, so each picture is a large file. Big photos clog up email and eat up space in WordPress.


  3. Odd they were just sitting there on the road like that. Those Cooper’s Hawks are what took my house squirrels and circle over the Park now looking to make my furry friends their prey. I saw one yesterday at the Park when I was walking. It had a huge body and wingspan as it flew overhead.


      1. Me too Anne. I saw one the other day – the wingspan is very big and they have heavy bodies – no wonder they can pick up my furry friends so easily. We had a Peregrine Falcon in the neighborhood about 5-6 years ago. I was walking down the driveway and heard a bird shrieking … a horrible noise. Looked up in the air and a falcon was chasing a medium-sized bird. The prey was making a lot of noise and finally no more noise. I didn’t look up, but felt a little sick.


        1. You had a close encounter! I saw a hawk swoop down for a rabbit. The rabbit ran along under the fence, and the hawk couldn’t get it. The fence got in the way of his wings, and he had little control in the air.

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          1. Glad the rabbit escaped … Jeff said he saw a hawk in his backyard get a Fox squirrel. It’s a large backyard, so the hawk would have no problem swooping down and grabbing a squirrel if it was in the middle of the yard and no chance to hide.

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