Birthday Waffles

I had two dates on the calendar for neighbor Bob’s birthday. I entered both at different times and didn’t know which was correct. Shawn texted that they were going to their son’s home for dinner that evening, the day before the birthday. I removed the wrong date and decided to make waffles for their breakfast. It was a nice thought, but I had no delivery plan. Several hours later, I texted, “Are you home? I’d like to bring over waffles for Bob’s birthday, if that would be ok.”

No answer. Shawn’s phone might have been off or dead. Also, messages sometimes don’t go through in this area, even when phones are on. I’d think of something in the morning.

At 7:01 before I got dressed for walking, I wrote that I put the waffles on my front porch and hoped she’d see the message in time. If not, they would be preserved, because it was two degrees below freezing at that time. Shawn and Bob have an outdoor cat and three indoor dogs, so my porch was inherently safer for food than hers. She replied with thanks at 7:02. Yes! The bag was gone when I stepped out to walk.

I didn’t see the rest of the story until after I came home. We have a new security camera that I’ve been playing with. The video at 7:06 showed Logan (10) running across the grass and gingerly walking on gravel with BARE FEET!

A bare foot at 28F (-2.22C)

Video credits go to grandson David. Although I had transferred cam files before, I worked for two days to do it again and couldn’t. He found a way in minutes! Let’s have a round of applause for David!

Thanks to Happiness Engineer Chrissie for technical assistance. The photo and video are in a “columns” block.

23 thoughts on “Birthday Waffles

  1. I don’t do bare feet – I’d be scared something would run over my feet! Me and bugs, but Logan was pretty fearless wasn’t he? Cheers for David figuring out the tech aspect. I put off changing the car clock … now it is an hour behind, but 12 minutes ahead. It was just 12 minutes off since Summer 2019 (when they replaced the battery) but …it is hard to compute this way … the manual is long, but searchable online. Guess I will break down and find the answer.


      1. I have to take two minutes and change the clock … when I had the Regal (1988 to 2009), I had an index card (cheat sheet) in the glovebox and changed it the first time in the car after any time change. I just never remembered what combo of seek/scan to use. I can look online at the manual … I have never sat and read the car manual, I got the car when my mom had a lot of medical issues and was five months before she passed away … since I don’t drive all that much, I put the manual away. I looked online in August when I took the car in for an A/C charge and they moved the seat and steering wheel to do the charge – it took me a long time to restore it how I had it and I had to look in the book as the seats had never been moved since I got it in September 2009. 🙂


          1. That is good – tech things are intuitive for some people. The Regal was easier to set, but I would forget the settings over six month, so had the cheat sheet. My mother did not like calculating back … the car is one hour and 12 minutes ahead … I have to use my brain when I look at it and my watch I wear outside is six minutes slow and one hour ahead. It has a ton of buttons and I just go with the flow – it is about time it needs a battery as I’ve had it three years. I don’t want to use a good watch outside, so I got this one at Meijer.

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