Logan Makes Coffeecake

Impromptu happenings work well in our neighborhood. It was the day before Shawn’s birthday, and I found out that Bob and his brother were in Georgia for a construction job. Logan (10) had a day off from school for Veteran’s Day, so it seemed a perfect time to get together for an early dinner. You’d think, with my intrusive camera history, that I would have documented the occasion. No, there was not a single picture of Shawn, not one! I’m very sorry now, because this is where the best shot would have been.

When Logan came in, I quietly suggested that he might stay after lunch, and we’d bake something for his mother’s birthday. He was amenable. I measured the dry ingredients after getting out the equipment we’d need. He was right there to measure the shortening, a job that could have been quite messy but wasn’t.

Cutting in the shortening was fun for a short while, so I finished that.

Logan was back to help stir in the liquids.

Painting was easy for him. I melted the butter and poured it on the rolled-out dough, and he used a pastry brush to spread it.

He did a lovely job of scattering the chocolate chips and nuts evenly on the dough. He also learned that water acts as glue on dough. I moistened one edge so that it would stick when the dough was rolled up.

We repeated the process to make a smaller roll. The small one was for them to taste while it was warm, and the larger would be Shawn’s birthday breakfast. This was a quick yeast dough that took us only two hours from start to delivery. I can’t tell from the photo if Logan was proud of himself or only posing at my request. I can tell you I was pleased with him for sticking with the project.

Happy Birthday, Shawn!

49 thoughts on “Logan Makes Coffeecake

        1. The children weren’t interested in cooking, and I didn’t urge them to learn. It was so much quicker and easier to do things myself. I should have made time for it. Neither of the girls cook. Both live with men who do the cooking. My son conjures up very interesting combinations, things I would never put together. His dishes are good, though. When and how did you learn to cook?


          1. I hear you. Before I feel the same with Markus but he likes to help and we now enjoy cooking together. Your girls are lucky! I am curious about the food of your son, very interesting. What does he make usually? I learned how to cook when I lived on my own. I knew nothing about taking care of myself and had to figure out how adults do it! I started with simple food and progressed to recreating meals I had from travel. Unfortunately I never learned Filipino food, which is a shame because my mother cooks well! Oh well, we cannot eat Filipino dishes anyway.


            1. Son John $pencer likes Indian food, so he often cooks rice and adds a packet of seasonings. I’m the only one who would eat it with him, so he often gives me a taste. He jazzes up scrambled eggs with hot sauce and sometimes makes sandwiches with cheese, bacon, perhaps a little meat, and lettuce. When he eats with us, he’ll taste what I’ve made and add spices or sauces to liven it up. I sometimes wonder if he really belongs to us, because he doesn’t like sweets. I cooked my first meal two weeks after we married. My mom was 1,200 miles away, and we couldn’t afford long distance calls, so I learned how to cook from two cookbooks that were wedding presents. I was amused that you had to figure out how adults took care of themselves when you moved out on your own. I guess I was a like that, too.


              1. Sounds like your son enjoys big flavors. Has he been to Asia? He will like the food here a lot. And cooking from books is cool, too. I am glad the recipes were correct! Sometimes they do not always turn right. It was fun to live on my own and be responsible for myself. Important lessons!


  1. I wonder if Logan was ever watching Nathaniel cooking and was inspired or just liked the idea of Nathaniel’s training. I follow a woman who writes a cooking blog and she has a very young granddaughter who baked her first loaf of bread last week. I have a lot to catch up to with these two youngsters!


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