Logan’s Chocolate Punishment

The way I’ve written about neighbor Logan, you’d think he walked on water and never did anything wrong. He is a normal ten-year-old, and he succumbed to chocolate temptation. This is how I knew about it. A couple of hours after Shawn said they would come for lunch to celebrate her birthday, she asked if I would please not serve dessert. That put me on the spot, because I had just finished cooking a dark chocolate pudding. Almost in a panic, I texted her, explaining that the dessert was already made. The choice was hers – we would not have any dessert at all, or we could have a dollop of pudding. She wrote back that a tiny serving would be fine. Logan had sneaked some of his Halloween candy after she told him he could have it the next day. I’ll bet this was a classic case where the punishment hurt the parent more than the child. We’d all roll with it.

Lunch was very pleasant, since Logan’s manners are quite good. He entered into the conversation and sat quietly while waiting for us to finish. I had my mind on making coffee before bringing out the dessert. Maybe that’s why I forgot to put the candle in Shawn’s pudding and didn’t take a single photo. After David came home from work, I put the candle in his dessert. It is pictured with an orange to show how small it was.

No one complained about the diminutive dessert, though we joked about it. I suggested we set a timer to see if we could make it last five minutes. The challenge was accepted. We did it! All four of us still had a bit in our glasses when the timer rang.

The next day I laid out the glass beside a normal teaspoon and the demitasse spoon we used to eat the pudding.

The spoon was too big for the glass. We used the spoon right way up until it wouldn’t fit, then we turned it upside down and used the handle to finish.

And the rest of the story? John, David, and I had normal portions of pudding before going to bed. I was surprised to realize the tiny one was far tastier, probably because we concentrated on making it last.

28 thoughts on “Logan’s Chocolate Punishment

  1. My human says that having chocolate is like me having tuna, and she would be hurting without it. I guess it was a fitting punishment. I’d hate to have my tuna taken away.


  2. Thank goodness you explained about having “normal” pudding portions before bed! I felt like the goodness of the pudding might have been wasted otherwise! I mean, who can walk away from a generous portion of chocolate pudding – there is no good reason! Ha ha!


  3. > I was surprised to realize the tiny one was far tastier, probably because we concentrated on making it last.

    That’s one of my lines for drinking nice wine. I’m always lecturing my kids — sip and savor! You’ll appreciate it more.


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