Anne Flips her Lid

It was my fault the sun was so high in the sky. I lay in bed reading comments and blog posts that had come in during the night instead of getting up when the alarm rang. The sun was welcome to warm our backs at the creek. When we turned to walk home, it was piercingly bright in our eyes. John shaded his face with a hand, while I just squinted. On the way up the steep hill, my hat had a suggestion. It said, “Pull the brim down, silly.”

I’ll bet the hat got its wisdom from friend Karen, who knitted it for me several years ago. I flipped the edge and felt instant relief from the unrelenting sun. Anything that dramatic should be recorded.

Would you agree the camera did an excellent job with this one-shot selfie? It must have been on auto-pilot, because unlike a cell phone, it has only one lens. Good going, Cammie!

32 thoughts on “Anne Flips her Lid

    1. For a few months after we moved six years ago, I didn’t set an alarm. It was marvelous. John couldn’t stand it. He is a New Yorker, and his refrain is, “Let’s get up and get going.” It was better for me to change than to kill him.

      My cell phone is my alarm clock. Right now it is set for 6:30 six days a week so that we walk to the creek before the sun rises. Struggling to keep up with the blog, I look at comments before I get up. Sunday I’m up at 7 so that we can eat and drive 35 miles to church.

      You don’t use an alarm to get up?

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      1. Decided not to kill the NY husband!!! Priceless. Reminds me of Ruth Bell Graham’s comment when asked about if she ever considered divorcing her celebrated husband. She said, “divorce was never in our vocabulary…but murder….perhaps.” (or something like that)


      1. Thank your lucky stars for that! The sun is much favoured and adored but there is a limit. As one gets older, one gets less tolerant and less energetic when the mercury and humidity soars. I would rather live in a cooler climate.


  1. Pretty hat, Anne. Once, an acquaintance of mine knitted me a *sweater*! She was an avid knitter, and insisted she wanted to do it. After she finished and gave it to me, I didn’t try it on immediately (we were at a live music show, in a very small, cramped venue, it was hot in there…) but thanked her profusely. Then I got it home, and wouldn’t you know it – it was two sizes too small! I never told her of course. I gave it away to a charity.


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