I Dusted the Tub

How do you define a mother’s love? Among other things, I always cooked for my children to show my love for them. This time I went far beyond that for daughter Lise. I performed a household chore that I despise – dusting. She is the only one who has ever taken a bath more than once in our tub. That’s why I dusted it before she arrived. Using water to clean it would have been a disaster.

While we were driving to the airport, neighbor Shawn’s grandson Pico explored our porch. He loved the trains and took the yellow boxcar back to her house. She texted me that he had done it, but I couldn’t see the photograph she attached until we got home. Isn’t he cute?

Pico and the boxcar

Lise loves pumpkin pie, and I always make one for her when she visits in November. This year four of us ate half of it at one sitting. If she doesn’t get enough to satisfy her, I’ll make another one. At the time she ate her slice, she had been awake and traveling for 24 hours. I think she looks pretty good to be as tired as she must have been.

Lise’s pumpkin pie

46 thoughts on “I Dusted the Tub

    1. I ignore an unused tub, and it gathers dust. It isn’t as bad as a floor where Sadie’s hair drifted into corners, but dust accumulated. Adding water to dust makes clumps that would clog the drain. I swung my legs over the edge and wiped the tub with a cloth. I hate dusting, but I did it for Lise.

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  1. I hate dusting too! Our tub gets little use these days but rater than dust I use the vacuum attachment to clean it up once in a while. I hope my family is that happy about pumpkin pie this week. She looks great!


  2. My mother’s motto was, “Dust if you must!” and I tend to follow that too. I dislike dusting because it’s never-ending and so it only gets done before company arrives. Our tub is even more of a challenge to clean. Neither Forrest nor I use the tub – we’re shower people. But Forrest uses hairspray. It’s a definite challenge to clean layers of dust covered with hairspray lacquer! He vows when he retires in January, that he’s done using hairspray. We’ll see.

    You are a loving mother. I think probably to many people you are a blessing, Anne. I love the way you look at everyday life, and the joy you find in everything. You crack me up a lot too! Laughter is such a wonderful thing. I can’t wait to hear more about Lise’s visit. Where does she live?


  3. Glad to see Lise traveled safely – she is even thinner than the last visit in July. If she had eaten a few more pieces, the sugar high would have carried her through the evening after all those hours flying over here, or maybe not since pumpkin pie is not overly sweet.


  4. You are so sweet, and your daughter is too. It is a little strange for me to see her grown up as I am used to photos 40 years ago or so. Glad she could travel safely and be there. Enjoy your time together, Anne.


  5. I laughed. We have both a shower and tub that go unused. I wipe them down once a month with a damp cloth. The tub comes in handy every couple of years when someone has a surgery and can’t shower but other than that its a house ornament. Lise looks great. Even thinner than last year and definitely happy with her pie. Glad she was able to travel with all this is going on.


  6. So nice to see that Lise was able to come home for Thanksgiving. Does she have to quarantine? And how nice of you to dust the bathtub for her. But mom’s do things like that!!


  7. Lise looks great, the pie looks tasty, and Pico is an adorable “borrower!” We will have pie, but maybe only apple. I’m the only one the eats pumpkin pie and I don’t need a whole one! The girls will be in Montana, so no one coming to help me eat it!


  8. Hi Anne, this photo looks so much like sisterin law Barbara. Proud of you for doing the ungodly task of dusting for your daughter. I had an interesting experience yesterday…went into the hall bathroom to weigh myself and noticed a black handprint on the shower/tub wall. So I touched it to wipe it clean and discovered soot allll over the wall, so much so you could carve your initials on it. Turned around to leave to ask Rus about it since that’s basically his bath and noticed the large mirror over the sink was also covered in what looked like soot, then… looking up over the mirror where the light fixture is was burn marks all the way to the ceiling which looked like burn marks and soot. In more investigation discovered all the walls, pictures, door, all the ceiling was thickly covered with soot. Rus likes to burn a woodwick candle to fragrance the room ( to make it once again inhabitable after use). We realized the wood wick candle caused bits of soot to form EVERYWHERE! I spent the day wiping down all the walls, scrubbing tub, shower, comode, sink, light fixture, door, and painted ceiling and walls. Not my favorite way to spend a Saturday. And to top it off when we took down the large mirror we dropped it and it broke. Boo Hoo Saturday.


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