Family Fun in the Mountains

On her first full day here, daughter Lise asked the mountain to pose with her. It was pleased to comply.

Evidently, I am shadowing Lise.

We also took the ritual photo of us at the creek, although I cheated the creek of its rightful space.

Anne, Lise, and John

In Walmart, I noticed sweatshirts with masks pinned to them, and Lise found one she liked.

We had a lovely meal at Boccelli’s. It was open for take-out only for the longest time. What pleasure it was to eat hot food inside!

Grandson David measures boxes by whether he can fit in them. This one was a bit too tight.

As you can imagine, we are having a wonderful time together as the days fly by.

23 thoughts on “Family Fun in the Mountains

  1. You gotta love compliant mountains. Just imagine if they decided to rebel. LOL! I’m glad you get to enjoy some family time and indoor dining is an extra special treat. It is all closed in our state at this time.


  2. Ha ha!! I love the “shadowing” photo! Sometimes it’s just difficult to avoid. I’m happy you are enjoying the visit and finding great family moments to record. Your family always has the biggest, authentic smiles. 😀


  3. I love the ensemble of sweater and mask. Someone had a very good idea. We are about to have indoor dining closed again. We never had tried it during the short time it was available. We have definitely enjoyed some great takeout meals since I established “Takeout Tuesday” with us and my daughter’s family.


  4. Very clever with the mask and matching top … I’ll bet they will have a similar combo for Christmas too. I’m sure the first and last trip to the Creek is always special when Lise is here and I don’t doubt the days will fly by quickly. Make the most of them as I know you will!


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