Guess Who?

A favorite neighbor came to visit. His active mind explores all kinds of possibilities, and even he doesn’t always know where he is headed. We stay entertained and amused.

If you think of a title for this photo, please let me know.

27 thoughts on “Guess Who?

  1. Mr. Cone Head was excited. Whilst visiting earth, he saw his first snowflake Christmas throw, and thinking it was a scarf, he wrapped himself in it. He was an observant Cone and knew instinctively that red and green were earthling Christmas colors. Unfortunately, Cone did not realize that the warmth from the Christmas scarf would cause his small tiny breathing hole at the end of his chin to overheat and cause his head to swell to twice its normal size. His gracious host, Mrs. Mehrling Muse suggested he just toss it lightly over his legs so as not to overheat his breathing apparatus. Having lived in exotic locations such as England, New York, and North Carolina, she was well versed in other worldly beings. In the next installment, we will see if Cone trusted the earthling being who had welcomed him into her home. (That is longer than a title, but I can get carried away.) 🙂


      1. Good way to cover bad hair with a balloon and an afghan. 🙂 I loved playing with Mr. Potato Head when I was a kid. We used real potatoes and now I think they use some type of plastic potato and the “accessories”/body parts.


  2. As a child, my husband saw an episode of the Twilight Zone in which William Shatner, before his Star Trek fame, is horrified by a scary (at least at the time of limited media special effects) monster on the wing of an airplane. My husband says this scared him for years as a child. Guess What? Whenever we fly I always find a moment to whisper in a frightened tone in my husband s ear, Shatner. We always laugh, and he knows exactly what I mean. Seriously, he still tends to look out the airplane window at the wing when I say Shatner s name. Funny and true!


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