Reading the Slippers

Daughter Lise said she was not using the step stool to get up on the high bed, but she would spring and roll to go to bed. Just after we got up, I was in her room and saw the evidence. By reading the slippers for placement and direction, I knew which side of the bed she was using and that she went head first. The evidence was right there on the floor.

A little later she walked to the creek with us, and her now-sneakered feet stopped for her to pet CAT. It was foggy, making CAT’s house look a bit spooky.

Grandson David, son John $, and Lise played disc golf at the rec center. She had David take her photo to mark the occasion. Last week David thrashed about in a brier patch to retrieve a disc, and another day he swam in the creek (brr!) to pull out a disc that was hung on a rock under water. This day $ lost a disc that was quite visible – on the roof. I’m sure they didn’t want their games to be that exciting.

26 thoughts on “Reading the Slippers

  1. I was intrigued with your post title… wondering what on earth??? Ha ha! Now I see what you were up to. As for David, I think he would work well alongside me as I fetch cat brier and thorny bush for our fawn deer! It’s not a job just anyone would take on!

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  2. I’m glad Lise is enjoying her visit and knows what disc golf is. My youngest son plays from time to time when he isn’t working like a slave! Enjoy the holiday weekend to it’s fullest, that is what I am trying to do before back to reality!


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