Three Hoods

I’m not writing about hoodlums or neighborhoods, but clothing hoods As I layered up for our morning walk to the creek, I realized the three items I was wearing each had a hood attached. Many windbreakers have hoods, as do sweatshirts. Mine did, but so did my Christmas top. I should have asked John if I looked like a hunchback, wearing all those hoods.

We saw this scene as we went down the steep hill. Along with a blue sky, we saw clouds that were probably releasing snow on the mountaintop.

32 thoughts on “Three Hoods

  1. I love the snow on the mountaintops picture! I sometimes need to wear layers with hoods, so I flip up the hood as I layer and then flip them all down–keeps them from all being bunched up. Then you only look like you have a conehead with the cone at the back of the head instead of the top. 🙂

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  2. Anne, you have me laughing. Hunchback sounds uncomfortable.
    My long winter coat and shorter one both have padded hoods with faux fur trim. So a jumper without hood
    is more comfy. 😊. Better to be warm in those climes though.



  3. That picture is gorgeous. I was talking to my sister on the phone and she was describing her view of the snow falling in the higher elevation of the mountain while it was not snowing where she was. I imagine it was similar.

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  4. I’m often cold so it’s not unusual for me to have a hoodie on over my sweatshirt inside. Most of my coats have hoods so I usually have at least 2 hoods on. I put the hoods up to layer over but I must look like Nanook of the North!


  5. That mountain image is glorious! I’m not a hoodie girl unless it’s a jacket. Most pullover hoodies pull back at my neck and I feel like I’m being strangled. I bet John didn’t even notice. Those kinds of presentations seem to escape men! Ha ha!


  6. Hoodies? Oh my gosh. My son wears one even in the Australian summer as he doesnt’ like the beach wind blowing his hair around. Your hoodies looks so cosy – especially if there is snow in them there hills! Merry Christmas Anne. Stay safe and be merry.


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