Logan and Lily Spread Christmas Joy

Neighbor Logan (10) and his niece Lily (8) bopped over to visit for a little while. It’s always fun to see them and listen to them chatter. We got a kick out of the footage from the outdoor cam, showing them running over here at top speed.

When conversation lagged, they said they should go because they were going to bake Christmas cookies. Again the only speed was fast. If you can see it clearly, the clip shows that Logan beat Lily up the steps.

Logan wins

I was taking a nap when they came back, but John was there to receive their Christmas card and a lovely tin of fudge and festive cookies. What a treat! I read the card and lingered over the signatures, because each had signed his own name.

The children may have made a special trip to bring a nativity scene Logan made for us. John found a special spot to hang it on our tree.

Nativity scene by Logan

I always make my bed, but I was glad it was still neat that day. Lily saw it from John’s office and said, “I like your bed.” Yes! Funny how four little words can make one glow.

24 thoughts on “Logan and Lily Spread Christmas Joy

      1. I know they are special and judging from the way he and Lily bounced over to your house, (as caught on your outside surveillance camera), those youngsters feel the same way about your family. The bedspread is pretty – I’ve never seen one for Christmas before. My great-grandmother used to quilt and when I was growing up we had some quilts on beds that she had made for my mother. We also had a tick comforter in gold satin … I remember it was on my bed and it got ripped somehow – feathers everywhere, but not my fault.

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