Logan’s Church Program

Neighbor Logan and his parents were involved in the service of lessons and carols at their church. Below, nearest the camera, was Shawn singing in the choir. We were watching it on John’s monitor.

I should have taken a photo showing the sanctuary, beautifully decorated by Shawn. The church uses her artistic skills throughout the year. The music was wonderful – well-chosen pieces sung with precision. The choir and accompanists did a great job, despite all being masked. I can’t imagine singing while wearing a face covering.

Bob’s role was off-camera, recording Logan’s reading the second lesson on our lawn. Below is an old-fashioned screen shot taken with my camera. Logan was the only child in the program, and he read with clarity and expression. We were proud of him. The service was a lovely worship experience.

19 thoughts on “Logan’s Church Program

  1. Anne, well done to Logan and he doesn’t look at all daunted by the experience. The choir does amazing to sing in masks … how our lives have changed. Wishing you a peaceful and safe Christmas. X


  2. Christmas blessings to you and yours Anne! We will have Christmas Eve service, but we’ll probably watch it on line since there may be a bigger crowd than I want to be around. Haven’t decided yet.


  3. A few posts did not show up in Reader and I thought I was done and caught up last night (yay) … this morning a quick scroll thru told me I missed four posts … don’t think it was user error, but a Reader error. This is nice and I am hearing that if there is any plus to using Zoom for holiday get-togethers, church service, etc. is that you can record it … that is nice.

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