My Birthday

While John and I were walking to the creek, son John $pencer cooked my birthday breakfast. It was marvelous to come back in the house and smell it cooking.

He made sandwiches with croissants, a choice of bacon or sausage, cheese, and scrambled eggs with dill. He added a hash brown patty on the side. Oh, my! What a treat! It was even more special to me, because only the croissant was allowed on his diet.

John snapped a photo of me with $ and grandson David.

The photo day started well, but I forgot to get a snap of John and me at the Sweet Onion restaurant having lunch. That was another culinary treat. We gathered at the home table again at 10:30, after John and David came back from a long taping session for the Christmas services. That explains John’s suit and tie. Doesn’t the cake look large? It wasn’t. It was about four inches across, but it was our choice to have a small dessert in this season of abundant sugar. We ate half of it and will finish it tonight.

What doesn’t show here are all the electronic greetings, cards, and phone calls, which I loved. How blessed I am to get so much attention three days before Christmas! I always expect nothing and am blown away by thoughtful well-wishers. Thank you all very much.

46 thoughts on “My Birthday

  1. What a nice birthday you had! I’m glad John was still in the suit, it made a lovely pic of the two of you. What a great son you have, cooking you breakfast. None of my three have done that for me…ever! So blessed!


  2. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday. So pleased you had a great day! My mom´s birthday is on Christmas day and Dad always made sure we celebrated it as well. She always got two gifts and a cake. When I got old enough, I would make a cake for her myself. When I see pictures of John$, I can´t help but think of that cute little boy in England. xo


    1. Thank you, Darlene. That’s great that your dad always made sure your mom’s birthday was celebrated. John does the same, but three days before Christmas is easier than Christmas Day. I can see that little boy in England when John $ is acting silly. He is still a stitch.


      1. It is good to feel special on that one special day a year! My mom and I did not always go out on our birthdays. It depended what day of the week it fell on AND the weather. My mom’s birthday was Valentine’s Day, so we only went out on her birthday if it fell on a weekend and was not snow/ice. Same for my April birthday, right down to the snow/ice as that happened some years. We often bought presents in advance. We were not so traditional. 🙂


        1. Your birthdays were weather-dependent. I remember only one birthday party when I was probably a pre-teen. I was allowed to invite my friends for lunch, and I requested hot dogs. My brother’s birthday is in October, and I don’t remember his having any parties, either. Mom usually made a cake for us, though. We never, ever went out to eat to celebrate a birthday.

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          1. I only remember one birthday party as a young girl and the rest were spent with my parents and we went out to eat, just my parents and me. For years, it was Bill Knapp’s restaurant … don’t know if you had them in New York but they’ve been out of business about 12-13 years now. Your “birthday deal” was a cake about the size that you had the other day, in chocolate or white, your choice and your age taken off your meal. Even if you were 100 years old and got a free meal, they did it. Everyone used to love to go to Bill Knapp’s and they played “Happy Birthday” to you on the speaker.


              1. Everyone went there for years Anne. They had a great menu, a variety of items and had a $5.99 lunch and I think the dinner was $7.99. We only went out for lunch but it always for the “deal” and dessert was included at that price, so if we went on our actual birth date,we always took the cake home. We usually bought a cake when we were there – it was just $3.00 and a good size cake. Bill Knapp’s had a down-home feel to it. Their downfall was they hired a new marketing person who was young and decided to change the format of Bill Knapp’s … it was always booths and he made it tables/chairs and put big screen TVs all over the place and eliminated the lunch and dinner deals … they went belly-up in no time. I just Googled and discovered the last store closed in 2002.


      1. I wish I could remember my last few birthdays! I remember 2018 being in Paris and having to catch a taxi (trains were on strike) to the airport to catch a flight to Zurich. But I also get a little bit of spoiling on my birthdays!

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