Musical Beds

We are having a grand time with daughter Lise, here from Denmark for a month. She is getting her first COVID shot today and will be here until she gets the second one. The first morning she was here, we needed to get back for someone’s schedule and walked only half the distance we usually walk. Today we went all the way to the creek, where we took the obligatory selfie.

All of us had voiced opinions about where everyone should sleep, and we thought we had it all sorted out. John, John $, David, and I would all stay in our beds. Lise would sleep on the air mattress in the living room and be far away from us when she got up to work on Danish time. Her office would be the dining room table, the furthest distance from the bedrooms. We forgot about the chiming grandfather clock, a short distance from her head. That kept her awake, as regular as clockwork. John was preparing for a weekend at the train club with David, so he ran the washing machine and dryer. Unloading the dishwasher for the day ahead added quite a clatter. I had not realized Lise needed silence to work. The hum of daily living would be an awful intrusion on internet meetings.

We think we have it settled now. Since David and John left at 5 am, David slept in the living room. He cleaned his room so that Lise could move in to sleep and use the desk there. When David gets back, he will be in my room, because his schedule is quite different from ours. I will be in the living room, at the mercy of anyone who wants to use the kitchen in the middle of the night. I may consult a magic book to find a sleeping spell I could use at a moment’s notice.

43 thoughts on “Musical Beds

  1. I enjoyed this, Anne. It reminded me of so many times when we have juggled rooms and beds to accommodate visitors….and the first time I ever slept on the couch in the living room at my father-in-law’s house and was awakened by the Grandfather clock…every hour and every half-hour. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Here is to a wonderful month for you all!

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    1. Everything is quiet now for a couple of days. John and David won’t come home until Saturday night. Lise will stay out of trouble tomorrow, since she’ll start work at 4 am.

      xxx Working Danish Hugs xxx


  2. I do not know why, but this post sounded really fun to me. Like one of those family sitcoms on TV. I hope you enjoy your busy house, Anne, and have fun with your daughter. How come she had to fly to the US for her vaccination?


    1. Lise was not able to get the vaccination in Denmark. She loves to travel and wants to be ready to wander the world when things open up. I loved your comment that our family seems to belong in a sitcom. We laugh a lot, and we do silly things.


  3. Well, personally, I can sleep anywhere. But isn’t it fun to have a house full of family? Sounds nice to me. Lots of petting and treats. Though it may be different there.


  4. I hope you find a sleeping spell because I sense you’re going to need it. Working from home turned our house upside down at first, too. Now it’s all old hat.


  5. I love the mother/daughter picture. It’s always difficult to find the right sleeping arrangements. When I stay with my girlfriend in Canada, I get my own bedroom and my own office. I feel so spoiled. (she also cooks fabulous meals for me) Enjoy your visit. xo

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  6. Hope no one gets confused! ๐Ÿ˜€ Have a wonderful time with your daughter home for a while and amazing to hear of people travelling internationally! We are still not allowed out of the country!


  7. Iโ€™ve always wondered why anyone needs to know what time it is when they are sleeping. Grandpa clock needs his notifications silenced. Itโ€™s right there in clock/notifications/smash with hammer!


  8. How nice that Lise is there for Mother’s Day; I recall she was there for Father’s Day last year. A month is a nice long stay and will mean plenty of walks to the Creek and some quality family time once everything is settled with the time difference and work arrangements. Hopefully Nathaniel and Kate will get a chance to come visit while Lise is there.


    1. Nathaniel is coming for a short weekend while Lise is here. It’s great that she’ll be here for Mother’s Day. I think it’s going to work for Lise to use David’s room for her office. It’s the furthest room from the kitchen, and she can shut the door.

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      1. That’s great news that Nathaniel can get away for a weekend respite from his job and studies. He’ll be either sleeping on the front porch or maybe the air mattress like before. ๐Ÿ™‚ Due to the time difference Lise will be able to spend every afternoon with you and John.

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