Lise’s Visit Begins

Daughter Lise’s arrival at the airport was on time, allowing us to go to Culver’s for frozen custard before going home. It was a lovely way to begin a treasured visit. The photo doesn’t show that Lise and I were sharing this dessert. It was chocolate custard with added bits of Dove chocolate and cheesecake crumbles.

We were eager to open a very special Christmas gift, nephew Chris’ mobile creation. I had a preview on Chris’ blog. See his site here. Knowing the year’s figure was a skier, I aimed the camera at Lise and grandson David as they opened the package. I missed their intake of breath and realized something unusual had taken place when I heard their exclamations.

The mobile is not a skier. It is a man with a steam engine! Wow! This is a beautiful memorial for late husband John. All of us are thrilled to own original Pollock art, but this is far beyond anything we could have imagined. We are deeply touched by Chris’ thoughtfulness and creativity.

The day before, I prepared for Lise’s visit by baking her favorite pumpkin pie. It’s been a tradition for a number of years. Because she is losing weight, I cut a tiny piece and wanted to show how proud of her I am for her restraint.

The next morning we took the obligatory photo of us at the creek. For Lise, I took one of the creek alone.

Half the day was spent on estate business – going to the lawyer’s office, registering paperwork at the courthouse, and depositing an estate check. The rest of the time we talked and talked about all sorts of things. We never run out of words.

Family Time

Two days after Thanksgiving, Lise and I finally walked all the way to the creek. In trying to get good images of our faces, we failed to feature the water. We were happy, though. Sadie was not. We split at the stop sign, John going home with Sadie as we continued to the creek. She repeatedly stopped, pulled back toward us, and whined. Family togetherness was important to her!

Daughter Lise and her nephews loved playing games together. Exploding Kittens was the choice that evening.

All too soon, it was time for the mirror ritual. When Nathaniel is leaving, whoever is around witnesses the lowering. He checked his appearance before the mirror was too low for him to see his face.

I asked for family time before going to church, but John had scheduled a meeting. The boys and I walked around the church property, enjoying being together. Having talked about the sound of crisp autumn leaves, they magnified the experience. What fun!

Before driving Nathaniel back to Charlotte, we ate at one of our favorite restaurants. We enjoyed being together until time to say goodbye at his dorm.

Anne, John, David, Lise, Nathaniel

Musical Beds

We are having a grand time with daughter Lise, here from Denmark for a month. She is getting her first COVID shot today and will be here until she gets the second one. The first morning she was here, we needed to get back for someone’s schedule and walked only half the distance we usually walk. Today we went all the way to the creek, where we took the obligatory selfie.

All of us had voiced opinions about where everyone should sleep, and we thought we had it all sorted out. John, John $, David, and I would all stay in our beds. Lise would sleep on the air mattress in the living room and be far away from us when she got up to work on Danish time. Her office would be the dining room table, the furthest distance from the bedrooms. We forgot about the chiming grandfather clock, a short distance from her head. That kept her awake, as regular as clockwork. John was preparing for a weekend at the train club with David, so he ran the washing machine and dryer. Unloading the dishwasher for the day ahead added quite a clatter. I had not realized Lise needed silence to work. The hum of daily living would be an awful intrusion on internet meetings.

We think we have it settled now. Since David and John left at 5 am, David slept in the living room. He cleaned his room so that Lise could move in to sleep and use the desk there. When David gets back, he will be in my room, because his schedule is quite different from ours. I will be in the living room, at the mercy of anyone who wants to use the kitchen in the middle of the night. I may consult a magic book to find a sleeping spell I could use at a moment’s notice.

Family Fun in the Mountains

On her first full day here, daughter Lise asked the mountain to pose with her. It was pleased to comply.

Evidently, I am shadowing Lise.

We also took the ritual photo of us at the creek, although I cheated the creek of its rightful space.

Anne, Lise, and John

In Walmart, I noticed sweatshirts with masks pinned to them, and Lise found one she liked.

We had a lovely meal at Boccelli’s. It was open for take-out only for the longest time. What pleasure it was to eat hot food inside!

Grandson David measures boxes by whether he can fit in them. This one was a bit too tight.

As you can imagine, we are having a wonderful time together as the days fly by.

She’s Here!

Daughter Lise arrived to spend Thanksgiving with us and will be here almost two weeks. Let the giggles begin!

I took the obligatory photo at the creek the first day. Blue/gray seemed to be the cast of the morning. Those colors suggest sadness, but we were anything but sad!

111717 Lise JC at creek.jpg

By this time Lise had told us about the company move a few weeks ago. Maersk Oil moved from the big white building near The Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen’s harbor to a brand new place only a few blocks from her flat. She walks about fifteen minutes to get there. One of her friends teased her, saying, “I knew you were the planner for this move, and now I know why!”

100617 Lise's office.jpg

I thought all the autumnal colors had faded, but those near Walmart’s parking lot were still vibrant. That was as good an excuse as any to make Lise pose for me.

111717 Lise with fall trees.jpg

By napping several times, Lise seemed to rise above jet lag. I had no excuse for my tongue. When mentioning neighbors Jeff and Dawn late at night, I said Deff and Jawn. That set off uncontrollable laughter. Time for bed on day one!