Japanese Steakhouse

Three of us met John for lunch in Asheville after church. Daughter Lise drove, grandson David pumped gas, and I paid for it. That was easy teamwork for all of us.

In Copenhagen, Lise has a wide choice of restaurants, but a Japanese steakhouse is not one of them. Lise took a selfie as we waited for the chef to roll in a cart with the food.

The chef twirled his utensils before making a flashy fire on the grill, a real attention-getter.

As we watched, the chef prepared fried rice and vegetables before cooking the steak and chicken. His work done, he bowed and left us to eat the mountain of food on our plates.

We enjoyed our dinner and went home to restorative naps.

34 thoughts on “Japanese Steakhouse

  1. Loved the family photo…what a great looking group. We have a similar restaurant in our town. They will toss food through the air and into your mouth as they cook…if you let them…hmmm….I let them and said a prayer of thanks I caught the first toss and that I didn’t choke. Looks like you all had a great time.


  2. What a great meal with the family, Anne. It sounded like a good time together and great family time. That is quite the gastronomic experience at the Japanese steakhouse. That fire looked fiery and it looked like quite a show while the chef prepared your food. I hope you enjoyed all the food that was served up 🙂


    1. The meal was delicious, and we even took some home. That restaurant is a place for special occasions. There were two family birthday parties going on as we ate. We had a great time and really enjoyed ourselves.


      1. That is amazing you got some to take home. I would have thought you had to eat everything there and then. Sounds like the restaurant was very accommodating of birthday parties and go all out to make all guests happy. Glad you enjoyed it, Anne 🙂


        1. Daughter Lise said restaurants in Denmark did not provide boxes to take food home when she first moved there ten years ago. She just told me you can get a box now, but you have to pay for it. Nearly all American restaurants give you a box for leftovers if you ask for it. John and I often eat half our dinner and bring home the other half to eat another day. We try not to overeat, and this works out well.


          1. That is interesting to hear Daughter Lise had to pay for a takeaway box in Denmark. Here in Australia quite a few places charge a small fee for a takeaway box if you dined in and then wanted to take home some food. I heard food portions in America are rather large, so it is smart of you and John to takeaway food when you can and don’t overeat 🙂


  3. Those are great photos of smiling faces! I love the entertainment of Japanese steak houses. We haven’t been to one in years. I have always thought these places are very sanitary what with the ease of cleaning the stainless food prep and cooking area, and direct plating. There is little food handling involved, and cleanup is a breeze. Can you imagine wearing a mask and having to cook in that heat?


  4. I remember feeling very nervous when we went to such a place. Sadly my husband, who will eat just about anything, doesn’t like Japanese food. I am glad your family had such a great time together in Asheville.


  5. That looks like fun and you captured the thrill of the flames perfectly … even everyone’s oohs and aahs! Sounds like Lisa is enjoying her visit – will Kate get a chance to visit while Lise is there?


    1. Lise works and plays hard. She has been involved in training sessions, getting up at 2 am to begin work. She had four hours of sleep last night. Kate does not have enough vacation time to come here this time.

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      1. I was thinking it would be rough on Lise as they are six hours ahead and this is a working vacation. She is young so probably has a lot of energy, but that’s still rough to exist on four hours of sleep. That’s too bad about Kate – can you do a Zoom call when Nathaniel is there so everyone can say hi? I know you said David is adept at setting the Zoom calls up and for setting up for remoting into your church service.


        1. Lise says she normally needs only four to five hours of sleep a night. John was the same way, although he gets more sleep now. That’s a great idea to get Kate on a video call. It would be great to see her.

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          1. Going to bed earlier was a New Year’s resolution … I’m doing better with it and especially since hearing you were more apt to get dementia if you got 5-6 hours of sleep while in your 60s. But I do slip up sometimes, especially if I get really far behind in Reader. Hope that works out for you getting a visit with all of you with Kate.


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