Albert’s Date

We have a mini neighborhood reunion when Albert is groomed in Waynesville. Albert is former neighbor Marla’s dog, and Connie brings him for his appointment every eight weeks. Shawn crosses our street to join us for lunch. We have to talk fairly fast, because Connie has to leave when Albert is ready, and Shawn often has to pick up Logan from school.

Daughter Lise was happy the date fell while she was here. She was through working by the time they came and could relax and enjoy being with them. Son John $ was back from a job interview, and John returned from a church meeting in Asheville. David enjoyed the food fallout seven hours later. This time I remembered to take a photo.

John $, Connie, Shawn, and Lise

19 thoughts on “Albert’s Date

    1. Yes! We’ve been without parties for a year, and we are enjoying our new freedom. I don’t remember if I mentioned that all of us there have had at least one COVID shot. Before this, we limited ourselves to porch sitting.

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