At the Creek

Jonathan Creek is adjacent to the fire station, so we pass it every time we walk to the creek. This day the men had pulled out one of the smaller trucks. Lise wanted a photo to send a friend, hence the pose. I was amazed at how huge it felt close up. It wasn’t long, but look at the tires and that front grill!

We liked our shadows on the water. This photo is deceptive, because it appears we are standing on a high bank. It’s probably no taller than an average man.

Shadowy characters

While dancing with our shadows, Lise noticed a stick caught by a rock and wanted to set it free. She was delighted to find a fairly easy way down the bank.

20 thoughts on “At the Creek

  1. The grill on that truck is huge. It gives the fire truck a friendly look. I like the creek video. We have a smaller creek near us that just meanders. Your creek is moving like whitewater.

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  2. Lise is a ham with a camera, isn’t she? How fun she must be. Interesting fire truck–not sure I have ever seen one like that. It would be lovely to lear near that creek; Timelesslady is right–it looks like whitewater!


  3. That is a big truck, excuse me TRUCK! Looks like you continue to have a good visit with Lise, I am so happy for all of you. Loved the sound of the rushing water in the video. M


  4. Yeah! A lovely outing for you all and Lise with the stick reminded me of playing Pooh sticks with my son when he was little! Perfect for such fast-flowing creeks as yours. Ahh … so kind of them to position the fire truck for your daughter and impressive photo!


    1. We enjoyed Lise’s pose with the fire truck. My brother, a form volunteer fireman, said that truck is a tanker for supplying water. I don’t have the correct terminology, but that was the gist of his comment on the photo.

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      1. Yes, it really is bubbly and fresh sounding. I was somewhere last weekend where there is a similar bubbly creek running under a bridge. Took some pictures of it to use in the post. I have to learn how to do the video.

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