Walking Sadie in the Rain

It was John $’s first day on a new job, and Sadie sensed something was different, though she didn’t know what. She ran to the front door and waited, hoping Lise and I would take her for a walk.

I’ve done fairly well getting clothes out of my room when I need them. I am determined not to walk in there while David is sleeping. Three of us have shifted where we sleep so that Lise can use David’s room as her office. She begins work between 2 and 4 am, matching her hours to Danish time. This day I forgot to get socks.

“John! Do you have a pair of socks I can borrow for walking?” I pleaded. Bless him, he let me have the pair he was about to put on.

Lise got $’s permission to take Sadie. He hugged the dog first, and we set out, knowing rain was in the forecast. John suggested we turn around half way to the stop sign. When we got to that point, we both agreed the rain was not imminent and went on. The rain clouds were watching, and they began to tease us at the stop sign. We hurried home in a steady drizzle. The wind lifted my hood, and I pulled it back over my head. Soon it was stuck there, plastered by rain that had permeated the flimsy material. It was water-repellent, not waterproof. It didn’t really matter, because I was a bit too warm, anyway.

We waved at the red car going by, and I realized it was $ on his way to work. Sadie had been trotting along with the leash taut. In an instant she stopped, lifted her head, and sniffed intently after the car went by. She knew John had passed us!

When we reached the front porch, we asked John for a towel to dry Sadie. I don’t know how Lise’s jacket fared, but mine had soaked up the rain and was not dripping.

I took a quick shower in the family bathroom, taking John’s suggestion of using a fresh towel because mine was in the other bathroom. I borrowed someone’s soap, washed, and realized I had not gotten the towel out first. Luckily, the bathmat was of towel material and could be scooted. Step. Shlump. Step. Shlump. I side-stepped, keeping the mat under my feet, until I reached the towels. Having no clean clothes available, I put nightclothes back on and downloaded photos.

Lise soon wandered in, taking a break for a second breakfast. I prepared croissants, bacon, and an egg for John and Lise. Halfway through my granola, I paused to get David’s meal on a plate. We all ended about the same time, and David rushed off to work. Things are quietly hectic here, but we are managing to get most things done reasonably well.

23 thoughts on “Walking Sadie in the Rain

  1. Quite the rotation system you have going there. If this is going to happen again next year, John had better build two extra shower rooms for dog walkers with doors into dressing rooms in the house and a room for the new cook you’ll need for the two stage breakfasts.
    Huge Hugs

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    1. This month is not likely to be repeated. Lise is here for the COVID vaccine, and she’s had the first jab. As to two-stage meals, most of the time we serve dinner twice. John and I eat between 2 and 3 pm, and David has his dinner after he gets home from work any time from 7 to 10 pm.

      xxx A Feast of Hugs xxx


  2. Sadie is enjoying all the attention, even if it means a walk in the rain. My aunt used to spell the word “walk” if she told my grandmother she would be taking Apache on a walk and wasn’t quite ready to walk out the door. If Apache heard the word “walk” spoken, he’d run to the hall tree where his leash was kept. I got caught in the rain last week. They said “rain at 10:00” … I believed them, but it was “rain at 9:00” and I got soaked.


          1. See that is perfect for me – this 83 degrees last week and the week before was too hot too early in the season. Now we are going to the freezing mark again this weekend. Can’t put away the Winter clothes until almost June sometimes.

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