Daughter Lise and her friends passed pleasant hours playing games during lock down in Denmark. She bought games here to take back. One of them was Azul, a game with pretty tiles and oddly concocted rules. The photo is blurred, as was my mind when playing. Grandson David and Lise talked strategy aloud, helping me to a big win that night. Next time I’ll play quietly, prepared to lose on my own. I’m good at losing games of strategy.

Amusement and pleasure joined when we met former neighbors Connie and Marla for lunch. We see each other on Facebook, but real face-time is far better.

You’d think we were doting on a toddler, the way we acted when Lise bought Sadie a decorated cookie from the dog bakery. My first priority was getting a shot of Lise giving it to her. Having brother and sister together with the dog was next.

I couldn’t resist John $’s tenderness. We all love Sadie, but $ is her first choice here at our house.

25 thoughts on “Amusements

  1. Sadie and the cookie is a wonderful picture! Games can be so much fun and not played as often anymore. I have great memories playing card and board games with my brothers.

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        1. We played Monopoly, too. Daughter Lise said she has never lost that game yet. That’s a good reason not to play with her. Another good reason is that we don’t own the game.


  2. I always feel so content after reading your posts, Authentic goodness is lovely. I still think of you often and it gives me hope to remember the love and sweetness of your family. Sadie is a pretty dog. x Michele


        1. The house is empty today. Nathaniel went back to work at the university, and Lise is visiting an aunt, uncle, and cousin. Since $ and David are working, we are rattling about the house doing routine chores. These are things that needed doing, so the break is good.

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  3. I used to love board games and Monopoly and Scrabble are still downstairs in the closet. I just saw that Azul can be played online but it looks difficult to do. I like the idea of a dog cookie and the pictures are as sweet as that cookie. Hmm – a dog bakery is an interesting concept.


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