Brackets for Walking

The brackets are two clips from the surveillance camera on our porch. Several months ago there was an incident in the neighborhood that caused almost everyone to get a camera. Since then, I’ve enjoyed it as a toy, often waving toward it as I go in and out. I remembered to look at the activity this day and saved the ones of our going out to walk and coming back home. Lise keeps me laughing throughout the day. You can imagine what the day was like with this as the beginning.

In the time between the bracket videos, we enjoyed seeing the sun come up to shine on top of the mountain. The photo doesn’t do it justice, but it’s the kind of thing we see often. At this point we were on our way to the stop sign.

Sadie and Lise

22 thoughts on “Brackets for Walking

  1. Anne, thank you for helping my day start with a laugh at your and Lise’s fun antics! High on happiness and wow, the view of the mountain is stunning!😀 Hope any problems in your neighbourhood have been resolved and all is calm. Xx

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  2. Can’t believe you missed CJ, David, Nate’s and my dances last Dec. Ah well. These are super fun. LOVE the pic of Lise and Sadie!!!


  3. OMGosh! Those videos are hilarious. That camera makes for a bright spot in the day… you never know what you’ll see! Have there been any visits from wildlife yet??


    1. The neighbor’s cat was on camera once. I suspect animals move quickly enough that the camera doesn’t catch them. I saw a fox on the way back from the morning walk yesterday. He spotted us and slipped into the woods.

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  4. Not only is it “a beautiful day in the neighborhood” but a fun one as well. That is a gorgeous picture with the sun coming up on the mountain. Oh … and nice videos of the ladies as well. Have there been any more black bear sightings?


          1. When I started walking at Council Point Park, a guy who runs there on weekends told me he started going there for football practice in his junior year and saw lots of coyote and fox in Winter. I could hardly wait. We had coyotes, parents and a pup, but they sought refuge there after roaming the neighborhood and I am not in a rural area in the least.

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