My Scales LIED

Daughter Lise and I have had friendly rivalry over weight while she has been here. She wants to get back to what she weighed several months ago, and I’m always eager to shed a few pounds painlessly (oxymoron, I know). Several days this week we weighed the same!

Frankly, it’s surprising we haven’t gained more than a couple of pounds, considering the places we’ve eaten. On David’s day off, we went to the Sweet Onion in Waynesville. For the foodies: Lise and I had pot roast and mashed potatoes. David had salmon with a drizzle of sesame, lime, and teriyaki.

Normally we don’t have dessert after a restaurant meal, but the waitress rattled off the three items on the menu. David’s and Lise’s eyes lit up. We ordered the triple chocolate cake with ice cream and split it three ways. They posed with it, looking over-eager.

That afternoon Lise told me the digital scales were not being truthful. She found out by accident. Stepping on, she noted the numbers and stepped off. Almost immediately she got back on the scales. The second time, she weighed three pounds less. Three pounds!!! This morning I saw my number was the same as it had been for several days. Remembering what she said, I stepped off, waited for the memory to clear, and stepped on again. Wow! Three pounds lighter!!!

Lise thinks the three-pound difference happens only once a day. After the scales have been used, they are set correctly for the rest of the day. Has anyone ever had scales that lie to you in the morning and backtrack in the afternoon? I wouldn’t mind one with a ten-pound difference.

23 thoughts on “My Scales LIED

  1. That’s a really weird scale. Back in the old days (pre-pandemic) when I went out to dinner occasionally with my girlfriends we always shared a desert between 4 of us. A taste was all we needed!

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  2. Food…food.. food…Not sure I will ever enjoy food again. I am in the process of getting dentures and the process has been a challenge. Soft food and things that will just “slide” down for the time being. Bummer!

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  3. I recently found a great way to lose weight. All my life I tell people I’m 5′ 2″ and constantly pushing the edge of a healthy weight – especially in eggnog season. Really I’m 5′ 2.75″. For some reason this past year I realized that mathematically, at that point, one should round up. So I put in the facts for 5′ 3″ and I’m suddenly a very healthy weight 😀 Gotta check my scale for trickery when I’m back home next, though. That lying concept is intriguing.

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    1. I love your mathematical rounding. It’s my body that is rounded, not my numbers.

      My brother said his scale came with directions that said to touch a lower corner of the scale lightly until a 0 shows, and that will set it up correctly.

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  4. Two weeks ago both Mike and I weighed ourselves., he laughed at me being 5 pounds heavier until I pointed out that 6 inches taller just means that weight is better distributed. Last weekend he came and tried to pinch my scales as his own at home put him at 5 pounds heavier. On Thursday the nurse came to change my dressings and asked to weigh me on a set of scales no-one would argue with. that actually gave me another 2 and a half pounds. I’m making an arbitrary choice and suggesting that was my clothes. I’m not telling Mike
    Hope you all enjoyed sharing that miniscule pudding for 3.
    Huge Hugs .


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