Rescuers of Sticks

Our family has become rescuers of sticks that are stuck in creeks. It all began on grandson David’s day off. We had eaten a heavy meal and went to the town recreation center to walk by Richland Creek. All of us enjoy the sound of gurgling water, so we sat on a bench to soak up the sound.

While there, we noticed a stick trapped by a rock. It was a challenge David and daughter Lise couldn’t resist. There were two attempts, one with a stick that was too short and one that was just right. Success!

This stick was too short.
There it goes!

Another day Lise noticed one stuck on our measuring rock. This is the rock we look at to gauge the depth of the water. After almost every rain, something will get hung up on it. It was Lise to the rescue!

Sadie loves water and sticks. She walks in every puddle and stream she can get to, lapping up some water as she goes. Sticks draw her like a magnet. When Lise took her down the bank to Jonathan Creek, she pulled Lise to one hanging there. She followed family precedence and tugged it free. Unlike humans, she might have jumped in the water to follow it if she hadn’t been restrained.

Here is a great stick.
I’m going to grab it.

25 thoughts on “Rescuers of Sticks

      1. It rarely had more than an inch or two of water, unless it flooded during a thunderstorm once a year. And it was a very steep bank, home to rattlesnakes–which gave rise to a country saying of “too tall and snaky” when you were explaining not planning to go somewhere.


          1. Oh, that’s great … I’m happy for you. Will there be any issues with gasoline to go to Charlotte to get him? I heard today there were still issues with gasoline in North Carolina as all the gasoline had not reached the gas stations since the line opened again.


              1. Well fingers crossed there is no trouble getting it to get Nathaniel back to Charlotte. Hopefully, by now the gas situation has improved (24 hours later after you wrote this).


                1. We still have to watch for stations that have gas. The car Lise is going to use has a full tank. She’ll be able to get to Winston Salem tomorrow after dropping Nate in Charlotte. She’ll visit my brother, his wife, and his daughter Julie until Tuesday.

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                  1. Oh that’s nice – I’m glad Lise has a little down time while she is over here and can enjoy some visits. I had heard this morning things were about back to normal, so I hope that is the case while Lise is traveling.


  1. Sadie is a stick rescuer too! How did she know the rest of her family rescued sticks? My grandson and I spend the better part of an afternoon not too long ago doing the same thing.


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