Lise on Vacation

Daughter Lise worked the first half of her COVID visit, and now she is on vacation. She always loves relaxing with Sadie. The dog considers the green recliner her own, so when Lise sat in it, Sadie jumped up and pushed her way to the back.

Four of us were free on grandson David’s day off. We celebrated by having lunch at the Pisgah Inn on the Blue Ridge Parkway. After eating, we went outside to the observation deck to see the mountains stretched out before us, or in this case, behind us.

Lise hadn’t seen Looking Glass Falls recently. John found a parking spot only a few steps from where this photo was taken. David and Lise went down to the base of the falls, while I enjoyed the sights and sounds above.

We drove upstream to see the water before it crashed over the falls. The sticks here were too large to be rescued.

25 thoughts on “Lise on Vacation

  1. You have a family of “smilers!” In my family, as soon as you put a camera in front of someone, something happens to their face. The picture is not smiling. It may even have a closed eye or an evil smirk! Glad that Lise was able to enjoy an extended time with you all. Now for the fun part! Day trips!


    1. I am honored to be in your plant collection, and I love caladiums. What a great idea to match people with plants!! I’m glad you didn’t make me a cactus plant, although I’m good at retaining water and can be prickly when tried. Fun read!!


  2. What a delightful day and you were happy for family around and at a waterfall and such a picturesque area. David is brave – hope he has good footing on those slippery rocks!


      1. I could tell – in one picture, he had a foot on each different rock and the other picture, standing with both feet on one rock. You need David with your store-bought knees. 🙂


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