A Couple of Days with Nathaniel

Grandson Nathaniel is at university in culinary arts, so he had a suggestion for lunch when we asked for it. We enjoy going to independent restaurants, especially when recommended by a local. Lise was excited about the place, even before we entered. A new sign on the door stated that anyone fully vaccinated for the COVID virus could enter without a mask. Freedom!!

I got a kick out of the photo taken in poor lighting. I immediately saw a giant halo over Lise’s head and a small ghost rising out of the table to menace her. Two people couldn’t see the ghost when I showed them. I was left wondering if I had paranormal powers, seeing a ghost clearly when others couldn’t. The head is over the black dish on her plate, and his arms are raised over his head. It seems more visible when viewed slightly right of center. If you see it, I’d enjoy a yes vote in a comment.

Angel Lise threatened by a streaked white ghost over her plate

Skipping the mirror ritual, Nathaniel went right to work in the kitchen. He had promised Lise he would make croissants with some of the Danish butter she brought him. Son John $ came in to greet him, and the two of them started their banter in fake English accents. They think of the most outlandish things to say. $ backed against the counter when he thought I might record their nonsense. I wanted to, but respecting his privacy was more important.

An hour and a half later, Nathaniel was really into it. Can you see the columns of butter standing to the left of the mixer? All of it was used in the lamination process before he went to bed. We know all the croissants were consumed at once the last time he made them for a group. We hope David will be home from work when they come out of the oven tonight.

This morning he baked cardamom blueberry muffins for breakfast. What a treat! I told the family to enjoy that perfection. They all like soft muffins, and mine tend to be crisp around the edges. I should have taken a photo of the empty dish, showing their popularity. Too late!

30 thoughts on “A Couple of Days with Nathaniel

  1. I definitely see the ghost lurking around – in fact I saw it before I read the post. I also see one young chef lurking in the kitchen making croissants for those he cherishes. The columns of butter were interesting looking.


      1. That was a lot of butter there and I thought of you and this post this morning as I went grocery shopping and Benecol, the butter substitute I buy, was totally out. I happened to notice butter from Denmark. I thought that was funny as I’d never seen it before, then remembered you said in a post a couple of weeks ago, that you went grocery shopping with Lise and she picked up items you’d never noticed before.


          1. I didn’t know that it was noted for dairy products. I thought it was funny that they have a brand that comes from Denmark – I’ve been in the butter area many times and never noticed it before. My mom and I used to use sweet butter on our toast or bread. I don’t use enough of it and it goes bad or is too hard to spread, so I just buy the boring Benecol or Smart Balance now.


              1. In the Winter we’d use the Land o’ Lakes that came in 8 portions per pound box. So that worked as it was room temperature. Off to make hummingbird food before I go out. Hope came back yesterday and scolded me for not having food for her. 🙂


                1. My hummingbirds have disappeared. I was sitting at my computer a lot yesterday and saw only one bird. He went to the feeder but didn’t drink. I must ask Joyce if she has had them.

                  I’m so happy Hope hangs around your house.

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                  1. I did put her food out and it got to near 80 today, will be 90 later in the week, so will have to change it in a couple of days. Today, since there was food, I didn’t see her, but she may have come while I was gone. I only actually saw her a handful of times last Summer, but my neighbor said she was by quite often. She does not like posing I guess. 🙂


                    1. Yes – too hot. Having 90 and 91 on Friday/Saturday this week will be no treat at all. I may have mentioned the cold weather and frost in my last post, but I didn’t mind. Too hot to be enjoyable in my opinion. I don’t even have my water turned on yet. We are having rain every afternoon to it will be watered plenty.

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