Three Square Meals a Day

While daughter Lise and grandson Nathaniel were here, I took a number of photos while we were eating. It reminded me that having three square meals a day is considered the norm in this land of plenty. Those square meals make me rounder than round!

We did more than eat. We watched food being prepared. After Nathaniel laminated the croissant dough, he let it rest overnight. He measured it meticulously several times, then he cut it and rolled it into the classic shape. He was highly critical of the result, but we savored every bite.

There was only one shot with everyone here, and we were having a late snack. You can see that my place was marked by an emptied plate.

Is that Mona Lise at the table??

Between eating times, Lise and the boys got in a little exercise playing Throw Throw Burrito. It was the most active card game I’ve ever seen. They drew and discarded cards, and suddenly everything would erupt as they jumped up and threw fake burritos at each other. The most avid spectator was dog Sadie. She could have shredded those burritos in three seconds flat.

The last photo was taken at Stone Ridge Tavern in Asheville before Lise drove Nathaniel back to Charlotte. My plate did not remain empty. Nate and I shared a steak and a baked sweet potato.

This group of people was very special. We had all but one of our children here and both grandsons. When daughter Kate comes in August, we might have six again, but Lise will be back in Denmark.

25 thoughts on “Three Square Meals a Day

  1. Look forward to “seeing” Kate. Your family all share resemblance. How do Nathaniel and David fit in? You may have said before whose children they are, but I have likely slept since then and I keep wondering!

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    1. Kate is the mother of David and Nathaniel, our only grandchildren. She lives in New Jersey, so she comes to see us only once a year. We used to see her when we traveled back to NY, but we haven’t been there in over a year.


  2. This is a special group. I feel like I know them. Those croissants looked wonderful. My typical day only includes 2 meals and maybe a small snack, sometimes one meal and two small snacks. I would roll home from your house! 🙂

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    1. I know what you mean about knowing people you see on line. I have watched the grandchildren of a former colleague grow up on Facebook. I would recognize them anywhere, but I’ve never met them in person.

      Actually, we have breakfast and dinner, but at night we have a snack or a dessert. I think our switching to two meals a day is what helped me lose some weight.

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  3. It is so hard to get everyone together these days. I love the group pictures. Such a happy family. I used to play cards with my brothers and we always had so much fun. Eating meals together is so important. Many families don’t do that anymore. I haven’t seen my brother in Thailand for over 6 years but we keep in touch on a regular basis.


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