I did a stretch with the resistance band Lise gave me a year ago, and it snapped! I stood there for two seconds, looking from one hand to the other in disbelief. I’ve walked sneakers to death, but this was the first time I wore out exercise equipment. My pink friend had been faithful, stretching herself twice a day for my benefit.

The next-heavier band is waiting in the wings, purchased last year for this occasion.

There was only one thing I could think of that would be better than breaking exercise equipment. That would be breaking a bad habit. I don’t feel like nominating one just yet. It’s time to celebrate getting a little stronger.

17 thoughts on “Snapped!

    1. Yes, indeed! You are a good writer, and you have a broken chair to prove it. John wore out my office chair, so yesterday I got a new exercise ball to sit on. It is trying to throw me to the floor! I have to be careful sitting and rising.

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  1. Well at least Lise knows you’ve used this item she gave you – that part is very telling! I bought some for my shoulder three years ago and they are still sitting in the box (all the different sizes). I was worried I’d make the shoulder impingement worst, though Robb broke his collarbone and was told to use these bands to get his shoulder back to normal and he says he uses it faithfully every day and credits the bands to returning to normal shoulder function.


      1. I used to use some while riding my exercise bike, but I haven’t used the bike much the last year or so. I remember Lise wearing the ankle weights in your posts from last July.


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