School is Out!

Neighbor Logan (10) ran over to share his pleasure on the last day of school. He and John played a game or so of checkers before we batted a balloon about. We were active in our armchairs, calling it geriatric exercise. Logan, on the other hand, was all over the place. He was equally at home suspended in the air or lying on the floor to hit the balloon. His exuberance knew no bounds.

He picked up a clothespin and aimed it at his face. I warned that it could hurt, but he had to try it. Does this look like a boy in pain? John suggested he turn his head for the full Pinocchio effect. I called it Pinocchio in a Pinch.

No photo session is complete without a silly face. Forty years ago I would not have taken this shot, because it would have cost money for film and developing it. Thank heavens digital photography set me free!

19 thoughts on “School is Out!

    1. I woke up the first day of summer vacation and wallowed in freedom. It didn’t take long to realize I couldn’t play with my friends every day, and there were long hours when I had to look for something I wanted to do by myself. The problem was solved when I went to the library! It hadn’t been established when I first needed it.

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      1. I was in my teens when the local town started a library. It was wonderful. I was there every week. I always liked to read (both my parents were readers) but with a library you could read without buying. Wonderful!

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  1. Such a cute, inventive kid! Yes, digital photography, what a fantastic thing!! I am constantly taking pics of my kitty; I upload them on Instagram! 😀


  2. We need some of Logan’s energy bottled up. I see your Mother’s Day balloon. I remember you said you liked balloons. I’m so far behind here that the balloon is probably flat by now.


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