Walking with Logan and Sadie

First, we have a calm portrait of a walk with John, Logan, and Sadie near the stop sign.

Adding this boy and this dog brought excitement. It was the first day of summer vacation for neighbor Logan (10), and he was FREE! How marvelous it was to share these first heady moments with him! His dancing was explosive.

Logan engineered the fake crisis.

Even a mailbox became a prop for an impromptu limbo.

What pleasure this day brought us!

22 thoughts on “Walking with Logan and Sadie

  1. I think I’d be a little tired after a day with Logan!
    Do believe I’d give most anything to have his kind of energy and enthusiasm.

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          1. That’s funny. At least Logan doesn’t speak at the speed of sound. I hate to go into a store like a Best Buy or the phone store and they are young and speak fast. I leave feeling like there was a definite lack of communication (mostly on my part).


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