Cot Testing

Grandson David helped us bring in all the bags from shopping, and as soon as everything was unloaded, he said “I want to try setting up the cot.”

The camping cot caught David’s eye in Aldi’s. We have had very good luck with things we’ve bought there, and he thought the cot would be great for sleeping in the van. Evidently it was comfortable enough for playing games on the phone.

Sadie had to try it out, too. David is showing a new fashion in wearing a necktie. He is modeling a shoulder throw.

Sadie gives the cot her sign of approval.

14 thoughts on “Cot Testing

  1. What a great buy! I go to Aldi, I always find amazing things there and very good food. I love their Simply Nature and organics. Such good prices too! I’ll keep my eyes open for those cots. We just had a Lidl built across the street from Aldi. It also is good, but I still think Aldi is better.


    1. I haven’t seen a Lidl in this area. We usually shop at Aldi’s and at a local chain. Since COVID began, Aldi’s almost never has the specials in their flyers. David just happened to see the cot there.

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  2. That looks amazing! I have no problem sleeping in a car, but the crevices get uncomfortable sometimes. This is a brilliant solution. Will have to look in my Aldi for a couple.


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