Let the Good Times Roll!

John’s sister Barbara and husband Thom are always enthusiastic about walking to the creek with us. They had driven eight hours the day before and welcomed exercise. Knowing a photo at the creek is obligatory, they posed nicely. Dog Sadie was with us, too, and she behaved beautifully – sitting and staying seated whenever a car passed us. In 24 hours we had mentioned every sibling and all the children and grandchildren. If I had nothing better to do, I’d count them.

The creek doesn’t show, but it is there behind their elbows.

All six of us sat down for breakfast together. Son John $pencer exclaimed, “I have angel bacon!” and held it up to show us.

Cleaning was the number one project the day before. John $ pitched in to help, and John did most of the vacuuming. Poor Sadie distanced herself from the noisy machine, and she probably sensed something was about to change. I used toddler talk and tone to her, saying, “You don’t understand what’s going on, do you?”

From just around the corner I heard, “Right, Mom. I’m 41 years old, and don’t understand anything.” He and I both laughed.

This is how I know I’m slowly becoming a gardener. The state of the garden matters to me. I begged the roses to hang onto their full blooms until Barbara and Thom could see them.

24 thoughts on “Let the Good Times Roll!

  1. Ah, the mad dash to whoop the house and landscape into it’s best presentation before the guests arrive – I know that task well. I find it all helps me feel a little more relaxed to enjoy both the visitors and the comforts of home. What on earth is angel bacon? That’s a new one to me!


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