John’s cousin Harold and wife Susan spent an afternoon here to visit with us and Barbara and Thom. You should have heard the laughter ring out from the back porch! The photo shows the first cousins – John on the left, Barbara in the middle, and Harold on the right.

It’s hard for me to think of Harold’s being retired. He was just a boy when John and I got married. Here he is at our rehearsal dinner 57 years ago.

Harold lived in Memphis, so I saw him almost every year when I went to visit my parents fifty miles from his home. He was all grown up when he visited us in England, so we didn’t see him often after that. We all had years to catch up on via funny stories and anecdotes.

Daughter Lise was a teenager when Susan married Harold. She idolized Susan and always loved being with Harold. I’m sure she would have given her eye teeth to be with us that afternoon.

16 thoughts on “Cousins

  1. I’m surprised you weren’t arrested for disturbing the peace with all that jollity. It’s good to have a nice time catching up. I had a visit from one of my cousins on Friday for a belated 70th birthday lunch thanks to Covid19 restrictions only recently lifted. So much reminiscing.
    Massive Hugs


  2. Looks like a good time. Cousins are just the best!! I have 32 of them and love them all. (plus many many second cousins). Always fun when we get together too. Hopefully soon.


    1. Isn’t it nice to look around and see you are with your cousins that are still here? It is sad, though, to see the numbers decline. My brother and I don’t have anything to lose. Golly! Except each other!

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  3. What a great opportunity to catch up. I can only imagine how hard it is to imagine someone retired who you remember as a young boy. I’m having a tough enough time with my nieces and nephews being teenagers now


    1. One summer when Harold was a teenager, he worked in a bubble gum factory, lifting heavy sacks of sugar. He smelled like sugar! That was when his neck thickened, and he looked like a man. I’m sure he preached against sugar when he became an orthodontist.

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      1. Lol that sounds so counterintuitive- a guy lifting sugar becoming an orthodontist. I was shocked when my nephews voice dropped. It happened so quickly!


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